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Importing custom-kit character to BG2


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Well, I've just finished a Tutu-based BG1 run using a custom kit (in this case, Duelist from Sword&Fist) and, naturally, want to import this very character to BG2.

The problem is that despite Sword&Fist being installed on BG2 as well, my PC loses her kit and becomes a generic fighter, and I've no idea how to change this (Skeeper doesn't work with custom kits and I don't know of any console command to change the kit).

I've posted the topic in general discussion because I have no reason to believe Sword&Fist differs in this case from other similar mods for BGT/TuTu - please, correct me if I'm wrong. Obviously, I'm looking for solution to my problem, because I've no inclination to start a new character in BG2, even if with the same name/stats/avatar - it just seems wrong, I don't know why :/

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I wasn't able to find a clear answer for your question, but if anyone knows, it's Macready, author of EasyTutu distribution - try asking over at Tutu forum. Importing an entire savegame might have to do with it, too; but I wouldn't know.


There's another solution, though: editing the character's kit via ShadowKeeper. Not the best or the cleanest one, but it's a thought.

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There was a post on this subject a while back - basically you have to either install the kit mods in the same order, or resort to a lot of hackery.

I kinda found it out on my own, but thanks :). Had to create an another character to play, I have too many mods on BG2 install to rearrange the order :)


Importing an entire savegame might have to do with it

Nope, it didn't work, it was one of the first options I've tried.


editing the character's kit via ShadowKeeper

Sadly, it doesn't seem to work with custom kits.

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Guest EarthquakeDamage
Sadly, it doesn't seem to work with custom kits.


Actually, it does, but you have to figure out the correct values. If you plan on keeping the same mod selection/order for a long time you can tweak SK's files to acknowledge the extra kits, but that still requires the correct values. I think you can find the right numbers in kitlist.2da.

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