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Help needed: Paladin cre can't cast spells


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I created a non-kitted paladin cre, and everything looks good - except the fact that he can't cast any spells, although they are memorised. Could someone have a look at (one of) the cre and tell me what stupidity I did wrong?


I checked the cre in game by cheating it in and taing it via Ctrl+Q into the party. I have other cres (cavalier) and they word fine.


Link: Paladin.zip

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Thank you! What am I supposed to do now? Just delete those effects? Or, for a non-kitted paladin, only delete the one that disables spells? I really have no idea about what which kit / class is supposed to be able.


(I took the Tutu.cre and levelled up, so I have no idea where those effects come from.)

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Inquisitors come with Turn Undead/Spell Select disabled. Normal paladins and the other kits shouldn't have any of those effects, so you'll want to remove them. I also noticed that he has a movement modifier effect (176) slowing him down to BG1 speeds that you may wish to get rid of while you're at it.

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Should stealth be disabled for paladins?
Well, have you seen any bright knight's hidding in the shadows? :help:


The answer to the original question: Yes. Unless, it's a dark(fallen, evil etc.) paladin.


And remember, you need to have menu space for all the icons.(3 for weapons, 1 for turn, 1 for spells, 3 for quick items etc.)

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