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The French community gets organised!


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Like English sites as ForgottenWars, TeamBG, Pocket Plane Group,... - Spanish and German sites as CLAN DLAN, Rosenranken.de,... - a French translator team (Les D'Oghmatiques) is growing. Here are some of its members : Isaya, Mathrim Cauthon, Erszebeth, Barren, TheCursed, Trouveur...


Started from the will of some people to organise translations in an efficient structure, this team counts 18 motivated members and continues to grow. The team has his own private forum on the site "La Couronne de Cuivre" ("The Copper Coronet" in french) to discuss freely about translation issues, organise translations in small teams, which include tests and multiple proof-reading (to have different points of view)... and chat about any others subjects related to mods' translation.


Some basic rules limit the forum access:

- A good French/English level (some members are bilingual and spend more time on English forums than on French ones) to allow efficient contacts with the mods creators and the English community.

- Respect of translators' anonymity on the unprotected forums

- Total freedom for the translators: some work alone, only wanting some advices on particular sentences

- Mutual help

- No schedule so no pressure.


Translation proposal is always submitted to the mod creator(s) to prevent translating a mod already in the hand of another team. Each team leader may have readers (to check), a save center (to test the translations in the game) and manage his/her team as he/she wants...

Some technical advises are shared.


For now, we are concentrating on Baldur's Gate (I and II) and Icewind Dale (I and II) mods but we don't exclude working on NeverWinter Nights in a few months.



Beyond all this, the main task is to be informed of all french translations. This subject sums up all the known translations and their status (done, working etc...). Translations in progress are in green, those already done in blue. Your help to update is welcomed. ;)

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