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No, not another "I need a voice" post :)


Quite the opposite, actually. I've been given to understand that voicing is hard to come by these days, so since I'm set up for it and I'm in the business for now, I thought I would offer:


I will voice absolutely any small male part (that is, like, <15 lines), no questions asked, for the modest sum of absolutely free: I know how annoying it is to want something like this and not be able to find it. I am also happy to discuss any larger part. Can I voiceact? Well, I took one semester of theatre once, I played "First Murderer" in my 7th grade English Macbeth and "soldier #1" in a ten-minute play about the Iraq War. You'll have to judge for yourself :)


A few cautionary notes:


1) I can do a small palette of accents--or so I like to think--but naturally I have limits...


Parts I think (but am by no means sure) I could handle:


-Scots, I mean err, dwarves

-Undead or demons

-Celestials or gods (sort of echoey)

-Calimshites, Sembians, Thayvians or Kara-Turans

-Lizardmen, Sahaugin or Kuo-Toa


Parts I might have trouble with (but I could take a shot at it):


-Anyone over 50 (or the other-race equivalent)

-Flamboyantly gay men



2) My recording equipment is on the primitive side (e.g. Audacity and the built-in mic on my Mac*) and since I've done all my work with Kulyok to date, I don't know what my samples "really sound like" until she's cleaned them up. It does seem one can do something with them in any case.


3) If you've played Xan or Angelo, you may notice that the consistency isn't always 100%. With small parts this should be no problem, though.


4) I can't judge for myself whether the voices I do sound different enough that there won't be an eerie effect if I "appear" more than once in a game. I've been told it's alright, though; although it is possible I may "run out" of voices.


I tend to think my work on Xan is a little dated (though the mod itself is great), so if anyone wants a sample, I'd encourage them to check out Angelo--I ended up voicing like every male character in there, just because it seemed easier than sending out a call.





* - Funny story: so when I bought this Mac, I did a few extra lines for Xan using my old El Cheapo desktop mic. It seemed to work. Later, when I was voicing Angelo, I knocked the mic off the desk and had to buy a new one at some expense. I started recording with it and it seemed to work. Until I noticed that it wasn't turned on. More likely than the supernatural explanation seems to be that the Mac has innate voice-recording capabilities. Ah, well.

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Will you please voice seven lines for me? He is one of the Top Bosses in my Assassinations minimod.


Sure thing, sounds right up my alley. Send 'em by PM (since you don't need to hear any samples :) )


So, a flamboyantly gay 50 year old gnome is out of the question?


Yes sadly, Cousin Enrique Rod Jansen may have to wait a bit longer for his day in the sun...

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