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  1. Still browsing occasionally :-) I didn't write the companions reactions, either you or Kulyok wrote those. Feel free to edit them however you feel is neccesary. I believe Alice might refer to the responses Aerie and Jaheira give when you chose the flirty/good resolution. They do indeed seem a bit harsh.
  2. My mistake, I just assumed you would include a romance track since.. well.. it seems obligatory to include one nowadays. It's actually kind of refressing to see you didn't
  3. Even though beeing a romance mod, will Imoen still endlessly tease him? Please?
  4. gertjanvh

    ToB news

    That's really not a bad thing
  5. To point out the obvious, fortunely I can play a flamboyantly gay man. Between you and me I'd say we've got the extremes covered quite nicely.
  6. gertjanvh

    ToB news

    Take your time, Amber is worth it
  7. And I thought my g-string was a little tight today..
  8. Quick nooby question. BG2 supports experimental higher resolutions out of the box. The thing is, I have heard complains that the game is much more prone to crash if the are selected, which always kept me from trying them out. Is this still an issue and how does this mod influence game stability?
  9. If my experience says anything, voicing is still a painstakingly slow process. But perfectionism has it's advantiges too Have the roles already been cast?
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