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  1. Avallach

    Mod seems to be broken

    Thanks for the heads up! I truly did not expect anyone to update this mod after all these years. Specialization descriptions and Mazzy seem to be working as intended, however Edwin is still having "Conjurer" instead of Red Wizard as his class, forcing me to set his class to RW via Level 1 NPC mod. Or maybe I am missing something here?
  2. EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out. Please delete.
  3. Ah well, was worth a try I guess. I've been trying to find my way around this problem for about a year now (as you can see below this topic). I guess I still have a few more years to master the code.
  4. Subtledoctor, if you don't mind me asking: Any chance you could also look at the non-EE version of NPC Kit? The 'Specialist Mage Description' component doesn't seem to be working there as well, along with Edwin's Red Wizard kit and I suspect it could be a similiar or even the same problem (wrong entries being edited, therefore they don't show up at all)? Admitedly, I've tried to take a look at it myself but gave up very quickly because I have little to no experience with the BG2 modding code..
  5. Avallach

    Black bars/borders won't go away

    You mean like setting the 1280x720 with widescreen or also using the option in the BGConfig?
  6. Avallach

    Black bars/borders won't go away

    Did you even read what I wrote? I have both a main card (GTX 860M 4GB) and an integrated card in my laptop. It plays GTA V or ArmA3 on high settings and stable FPS just fine. That's definitely not a "potato". Sounds more like a manufacturer problem to me now, seeing how I can't properly adjust the scaling, while it worked on my old laptop (also with a main and integrated graphics combo) Yep, I did. The gameplay (along with the menus) is still squished into a box surrounded by darkness. I have the GoG version, and installed to D:\Games I actually looked around and stumbled upon this thread (in which you are featured as well Jarno. ), and looks like no one has found a solution till this day, apart from killing 3D acceleration. :/
  7. Avallach

    Black bars/borders won't go away

    So, you mean like changing the desktop resolution to 1024x768 everytime I launch the game? I just did that and there's still no change (I must sound like a broken record now, lol) Unless you meant something else by that?
  8. Avallach

    Black bars/borders won't go away

    Yep, that is exactly what I did. I double checked twice That is exactly what I did. Lowering my resolution, then in Intel graphics & Media selecting the Stretch to Full screen and saved and then changed back to native resolution. BG2 still refuses to stretch to fullscreen and I double checked twice as well. Also, here are the screenshots of my NVIDIA control panel: http://i.imgur.com/ssmh4p6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/x7PuQnc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Ucy1Lho.jpg
  9. Avallach

    Black bars/borders won't go away

    Well, the thing is, I am on a laptop which has a main (GTX 860M) and integrated Graphics card (Intel HD 4600). NVIDIA Control Panel is missing half of the options (such as adjusting the destkop size and position or scaling), and instead Intel HD control panel seems to be handling that. But like I said in my main post, changing the GPU scaling in there does absolutely nothing at all. Game is still acting as if I was launching it in my native resolution with no scaling enabled. :/
  10. Hello, I have recently bought a new laptop and decided to test all my older games on it. Most of them, ranging from Fallout 1,2 to Planescape Torment seem to work just fine, but not Baldur's Gate 2 - SoA/ToB. The game simply refuses to scale to my monitor I have tried almost everything, including changing my native resolution, installing the Widescreen patch and tinkering with the Intel control panel, but the game still launches in my native resolution with the game itself being in a tiny "box" in the middle of the black screen (My native resolution is 1920x1080. Game resolution is 1024x768). I did some googling and most people told me that I have to enable "fullscreen scaling" in my Intel control panel (because my integrated card handles apparently handles all the monitor stuff), but the only option there available is "preserve screen scalling". If I lower my resolution, the rest of the options show up, including the fullscreen one - but BG2 still refuses to acknowledge the "fullscreen scaling" option and keeps launching in 1920x1080. Been looking for solutions for about 2 hours now and I am becoming a bit desperate right now. Thanks in advance for any answer. EDIT: I also found out that disabling 3D acceleration makes my game finally fullscreen, but the fog of war is so ugly and pixelated and like 50% effects seem to be missing.. is there a way to keep 3D acceleration on while retaining the correct scale? :
  11. Avallach

    Bug with Truesword of Arvoreen Kit?

    Just discovered this bug in the newest version as well. And no, renaming the file doesn't help, sadly (it just gives me an error that truesword.spl couldn't be found).
  12. Avallach

    Mod seems to be broken

    1) The Specialist Mage Kit descriptions won't show up no matter what. Instead, the old descriptions are still in place. (EasyTuTu and BG2) Just to be sure, I even tried to install this mod on top of a freshly reinstalled and clean, vanilla BG2 and it still doesn't work 2) The same applies to Edwin's Red Wizard Kit. (BG2. In EasyTutu I made it work by renaming script.bcs to _edwin.bcs in the .tp2 file) 3) Mazzy's Truesword kit doesn't get rid of her old powers, so she has both new and old special abilities. (BG2) Not using the Enhanced Edition.
  13. Sorry for hijacking the thread but I seem to have exactly the same problem. Except I also can't install (along with the Smarter General AI like 80% of the content below it) the Ease-of-Use party AI as well. Tried all the tips above, same exact error and no positive result. and My current WEIDU log Pay no attention to the question marks, it's just me trying to combine two different versions of 1PP. For various reasons.
  14. Avallach

    Portraits, portraits everywhere...

    Oh hai, would you mind me asking if you could provide source of those last two portraits?