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  1. Just wanted to post an update that I managed to finish all the stronghold quests and the game too, about a week ago. I basically had to look up and abuse the console variables like crazy just to get through the Bard and Ranger questline which were just straight up borked. And these were the only two that gave me the most trouble. Phew
  2. oh man, I wish I had read this earlier because I got the same exact issue after me and Balthazar kill Melissan. I wish I can still somehow salvage this..
  3. I have the same issue as Christian with latest Wheels of Prophecy installed. We teamed up with Balthazar, killed Melissan and then game broke. My journal shows an empty entry, cannot enter Forest of Tethir etc. I even tried to teleport myself there via cheats but all the heads are silent. What's worse, I can't really delete Wheels of Prophecy since it's pretty deep in my Weidu load order and any attempts at reinstalls just bricks my game. Any idea what to do here? EDIT: Managed to solve it by poking around the forum a bit and then finding the corresponding console commands which helped me advance the quest.
  4. Yep, unfortunately, I am having quest-stopping issues with the Ranged stronghold yet again. Picked Valygar and got to the second part of the questline where Ogrons attack. Delon spawned and alerted me, then we went to the mayor who sent us to the Umar Cave where Madulf and Atta is supposed to be. However, Madulf and Atta are both still standing outside in ther vanilla spots by the river with the default dialogue, the Umar Cave itself is completely empty and the mayor just keeps looping the same dialogue about sending us to the cave. ("It is a relief to see you, my Lord ranger"). I noticed that the journal doesn't ever update either after his talk? Here I am actually completely at a loss, since looking through the scripts, I can't quite find any Kish variables matching the vanilla game ranger stronghold entries, so that I could maybe force advance it? Spawning Atta and Madulf also doesnt help either, and Madulf's dialogue just reverts back to as if we never met before. Any suggestions on how to progress here? All of this is on version 8, btw. EDIT: Managed to find some connected variables such as "KishValygarRangerStronghold", which is right now set to 2. Setting to 3 or 4 doesn't seem to do anything tho. Feel like I've hit a brick wall here.
  5. Ok, managed to somehow work around it by setting KishBardQuests to 16, which seems to completely skip over the Barbarian event and go straight to waiting for the rehearsal one. Setting them to 14 or 15 just failed the quest. On my way to do the Ranger Stronghold with Valygar now. I read how buggy it is so I hope I'll luck out and manage to finish it without too much hassle. And then that's gonna be it for NPC Strongholds, since it's the last one on my list for NPCs
  6. Hello, it's me again So upon sucesfully finishing the Cleric, Paladin and Thief Strongholds with respective NPCs (Anomen, Keldorn, Jan), I have decided it was now Haer'Dalis' turn. I finished his quest, freed him from Mekrath, then freed him again from the Planar Prison and he received the Stronghold without a hitch. He even paid like 10k from my own pocket like its nothing lol. I am now supposed to be at Event number 7 where the theatre gets invaded by Barbarians. Haer says he wants to go check up on the theatre, so we go there, but nothing has changed at all. There are no barbarians or anything. Higgin is still stuck downstairs repeating his previous dialogue: "There's no end of complications, are there." (I know he's supposed to be upstairs for that part where he tells me about the barbarians) and I cannot progress whatsoever. I checked some variables and the current plot of KishBardQuests seems to be set to 13. However, I don't know any other variables connected to it, or where to look for them. Also wanted to mention that Meck the messenger boy never ever showed up. It's always Haer'Dalis who initiates the dialogue with me and tells me he wants to go there. Any idea what might be wrong here? And how to unstuck myself from here? Thanks in advance!
  7. Indeed, haha. Thank you so much for all your help and patience! Hopefully, no more (quest breaking) bugs from now on
  8. Okay, I reloaded a few hours back and got back to the point where I was.... and now it seems to work properly. Quest gets updated and deleted and it no longer loops. I am confused, so confused. But not complaining.
  9. Yes, Anomen does say the line about destroying the cult. But for some reason I don't seem to get any journal entries updates or anything. Oh and I did actually try to set the BeholderPlot to 2 as well, haha. But the priest then started talking to me as if I rejected the offer of joining the stronghold. I also forgot to mention that after Gaal's speech, both Oisig and Arvaal actually spawned, but only Oisig initiated the dialogue with me? Not sure if this info may help, since I thought Arvaal spawns only when you are a good aligned cleric? I am honestly kinda at a loss too. I am thinking about reloading an earlier save to experiment with different approaches and checking the variables everytime or something.. EDIT: Another way would be probably just uninstalling NPC Strongholds altogether but I fear I might probably break something since it's mid game?
  10. @jastey Sure thing, I am currently using version v8 of the mod from the main site. Enclosing my weidu log as well. I also checked the variable ("BeholderPlot","GLOBAL") after both dialogue options and it shows number 1 everytime. And no, that journal entry does not show in my journal at all. The last one there for me, is the one that starts with "I have encountered the so-called guardians of the dungeon bellow.", and that's it. WeiDU.log
  11. Sure, it starts with "Your return was foreseen, though what you would say is unknown. Is this cult to be believed? Speak what you know." Anomen then takes over the conversation and it leads to the dialogue branch that's on the picture below. Choosing the first one proceeds with Anomen accepting the Stronghold, and me getting 8k gold, but quest does not get marked as finished. Choosing the second one makes Anomen reject the Stronghold and I get 7k gold along with Ardulia's Fall +1 mace, but the quest again does not get marked as finished. In both cases when I speak to the priest again, the dialogue will again start from "Your return was foreseen..."leading to the same results and loop as above
  12. Gotcha. Thank you so much for answer you two! After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to actually opt for Jan as a guild leader. I assume yet again, the same applies to him - have him in the party for the last part of quest, when reporting Mae'Var's death to Renal. Speaking of the Cleric stronghold, I had Anomen in my party during Gaal's speech and throughout the Unseeing Eye quest, but I am unable to actually turn the quest in. Anomen accepts the stronghold and I get 8000 gold as a reward (but no xp), but my journal doesn't update and upon speaking to the priest again, it just keeps looping the same previous dialogue with the same 8k gold reward. Any idea what might be causing it? The whole cleric stronghold questline still proceeds just fine, I am just unable to finish the "Unseeing Eye" questline itself. Any idea how to fix that or if there are even any console commands that help me actually finish it? EDIT: I poked around in NearInfinity and the only variable that I managed to found was "UNSEEINGEYE" which was set to 2, which I assume should already mean it has been finished? I am so confused at this moment
  13. Forgot to log in the first time and accidentally posted this thread as a guest, my apologies. Hey there, I am a little confused about a certain part: So from what I've basically understood: The NPC that you want to give the stronghold to, HAS to be in your party the first time it's being offered, after you finish the pre-requisite quest. I want Imoen to take control of the Thief Stronghold, but since she is in Spellhold in Chapter 2, and won't be seeing Atkhaktla until Chapter 6... does that mean I basically have to postpone the last part of the Mae'Var's questline (where we go kill him), all the way until after Chapter 6, correct? Apologies if this is a dumb question. I haven't played modded BG2 for quite a few years now and decided to go back just now, so just wanted to clarify some things for myself.
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