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Important Fixpack Links, Compatibility, Bug Reporting, Changing/Removing Fixes

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I'm trying to streamline and purge a lot of the pinned topics here.


Compatibility information

Fixpack goes out of its way to be as compatible as possible with all mods, but there's always a chance for conflict given the sheer scope and size of the mod. The latest compatibility information (and workarounds) can be found in this thread.


Reporting Bugs

To report a new bug, first try a search and make sure the issue hasn't been addressed already. If it is addressed and you're still experiencing the bug or if it's a new bug, start a thread with the issue. Try to provide as much detail as possible about the bug and the circumstances under which it can be experienced. Also try to include relevant information from your install, such as whether SoA or SoA+ToB is installed, if other mods present might be influencing the issue, etc.



The scope of the Fixpack is enormous, but we've done our best to document everything--down to the last bit--that's been changed. The most user-friendly set of documentation is in the project pages. The forum is also an excellent source of information, as it'll also contain any discussion, arguments, and user feedback about fixes. The downside is that the forum is not nearly as well structured, and will probably require using the forum's search function extensively. Comments or corrections to the documentation are probably best handled in this thread.


And if all that still leaves you in the dark, ask. love2.gif



I Don't Want/Like This Fix; Can it be Removed or Made Into a Separate Component?

If you feel something is not a fix and shouldn't be included, post! We hold Fixpack to strict standards about what gets included as a fix--but that doesn't mean we always get it right. Based on user feeedback in the past, we've rolled material right out of the package before. The Fixpack is designed to be as transparent as possible in what we're doing and why, and user feedback is a critical check in the process.


If you simply don't like one of the fixes we've made, or for the reasoning why Fixpack isn't more modular, take a look at Nythrun's I *HATE* this fix thread for a good overview. We'll gladly help you remove parts of the Fixpack you don't like.


Ongoing, Large-Scale Projects

This is a catch-all for large reviews or projects going on in the Fixpack.


The Game Text Update is undergoing review to remove spurious changes and move fixes (as opposed to grammatical changes or description clarifications) into the Core Fixes. Though it started as a project by me, I suspect most of the work will end up being done by Salk--so be nice and encourage him. smile.png


Alignment changes was another major review, though it's settled down of late (doesn't mean we're not still open to discussion, of course). Discussion about alignment changes should start in the alignment overview topic; or you can go straight into one of the nine alignment discussion threads:

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