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The Solemn Vow...


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Questions & Answers.


Q: What's the mod about?

A: About NPCs in BG1. The modding team would like to add personality to the BG1NPCs in BG1. The mod is currently unrelated to BG2 at all. We doing it through all possible means used in BG2: banters and interjections, personal quests and romances. If you disagree that any component is about NPCs characterisation - you will have a choice of not installing it.


Q: How many people worked on this mod and how long did it take to put it together?

A: Over 60 people for over 2 years. I searched what we have left, and the earliest Blucher's post I could find was January 2003. I think he started the mod sometime in December 2002, with intention to finish writing by May 2003...


Q: But the gameplay in BG1 is awfull!

A: The mod is made to be played with TUTU converter, so the gameplay is the same as in BG2.


Q: So will you be changing anything about BG1NPC - you know, classes, kits, stats, portraits, biographies etc?

A: NO! No mandatory changes to character sheets will be introduced.


BG1TUTU comes with an option to chose kits for NPCs - so you will be able to do it on your own on OPTIONAL base.


We offer 2 portrait options: OPTION at install to substitute BG1 portraits for BG2 portraits for returning NPCs (Jaheira, Edwin, Imoen etc) and separate portrait pack for BG1 NPCs.


Q: Huh, what's this talk about project phases?

A: We are working on the project in Phases, so it is easier for us to work and you could install the components you are interested in and avoid the ones you do not want.


Phase 1: Banter pack (each character will initiate banters with others NPCs and with PC) - released

Phase 2: Quests and Interjections (some characters will have additional quests and will comment on the game's events) - released

Phase 3: Romances. Currently in development are Romances for: Dynaheir, Shar-Teel, Ajantis, Coran and Xan. Projected release date: Fall 2005


Q: Install system?

A: WeiDU and for now BG1TUTU; Hlid added the banter pack to BP-BGT: based on V6, Phase I only, more info here:


So far nobody volounteered to do a BG1 Vanilla version.



A: Incompatible with Dark Side of the Sword Coast, Dudley's fixes and tweaks; Compatible with TUTU Tweaks, Indira, Mur-Neth and Grey Clan TUTU


Q: New areas, graphics?

A: None planned, no.


Q: New Sounds?

A: Musical package is an option, which will introduce a musical theme for every NPC, when they start a banter or a conversation with a PC


Q: How much of this is done?

A: Please watch the Updates Thread!


Q: How big is this going to be?

A: In terms of content, quite large. It should be a fairly small download though.


Q: Will there be major changes to the plot?

A: No, not really. Small additions, such as Kivan reacting at seeing Tazok, Branwen having a few choice words for Tranzig, Kagain actually rewarding you for finding his caravan etc are introduced in Phase II.


Q: Blah. BG1 is ooold? Didn't you throw that out during the last ice age, like the rest of us?

A: Nope. Like a fine wine, BG1 has become only better with age (and it's not so old as to taste like grape phosphate). BG1 has a certain charm to it that is lacking in BG2, I think, and the vast area to explore enhances the illusion that you really are living in and exploring a richly developed fantasy world.


Q: Will I be credited for my work?

A: Absolutely. All contributors, large and small will be credited.


Q: Okay, okay. You've pestered me into helping. So! What do I have to do?

A: Hmmm. Good question. Post in the forum in the Help wanted Threads or open a new thread if you have a particular idea.


Q: What about non-English translations?

A: French and German translations were initiated but appear to be on hold atm.


French Translation Forum


A: Are you going to do a transition mod that allows to use all BG1NPCs in BG2.

Q: No, not at the moment. We are concentrating on the task at hand - supplying BG1NPCs with personality.


Q: Erm...and I also wanted to ask about...

A: Please, ask!

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In the spirit of this, I wonder would it be technically possible to offer an optional possibility to change the NPC voice sets to better match their compatibility with the BG2 portraits? I'm thinking of the BG2 voicesets for Jaheira, Imoen, Viconia, Edwin and Minsc. I mean, if I was to play BG1 with Jaheira's BG2 pic, I would also like to use her BG2 soundset. Would this be possible?




yes, but it will be a bit more finger-work than to replace a portrait; If you want to champion this sub-project I can explain you how to do a code for it and we'd add it in

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Well, indeed it will be either Kivan or Xan.


We have a volounteer (who wishes to remain anonymous) to write Xan's romance and she'd start in late fall-early winter 2004; if it won't happen we'll look for someone else :groucho: There is a preview of the proposed romance break down in the protected forum. I can post it in the open one, if there is no objections.


Dorotea also volounteered to write Eldoth romance, and its start and completion depends on how busy she is. There is also a chance that Xzar's romance will be developped by KiwiRose and Hendryk ???

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If this has been answered somewhere already my apologies. How are you handling the fact the romancible characters will not be returning in BGII (outside of a mod)? I mean do you both enjoy it while it lasts and then simply go your separate ways or what?

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Well, I am not overly concerned myself about the transition (I am treating BG2 as a separate entity due to huge changes in the storyline it brought and atrocious handling of transfer between the game and character dissappearance) but for the romances I am currently writing for:


Coran's romance in 75% of the cases ends up in the break-up, so it is assumed that he goes away. If he stayed with PC it is left to player's imagination to decide what he was doing with Safana in Tethyr.

Dynaheir will have the last big lovetalk *after* the last battle in BG1, where she will die.

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The question was indirectly asked on another board, by a player who prefers the quazi-multiplayer games and does not use NPCs. He thinks that our add-on is the waste of time and the perversion of BG1 (along with TUTU). He suggested to keep all such activity to BGII, leaving BGI alone.


So, the question is:


Why do it at all?


I do not have a good answer. I can only say this:


I love BG1. I loved it the day I saw it for the first time in 1999. I did not like BGII as much. This is the reason why I was fanatically working on BG1NPC project for two years; there were times when the hope was all but lost, there are times, when it feels like it's not worth it (just like you've said - it's a great game; why bother?).


But than after hours on end of coding and debugging, I open up the game and...


I cannot tell you that it makes a huge, impactual difference...


I wish I could show it to you, how it feels when Imoen cries on Gorion's grave.


I wish I could show how it feels when Xzar tries to take away Carsa's jar or when Kivan confronts Tazok. Or when Coran gets punched into his face by Durlyle...


I wish I could show you how all these smallest and the silliest things put together make it... not BGII.


They make it amazing.


Thank you to all the like-minded people who worked and continues to work on this project. Thank you to the TUTU team for giving us the perfect environment. Thank you to all who trusted enough in our ability to download and play the mod. Together we are making Imoen cry on Gorion's grave. No more than that.


But no less.

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If I may add my comments to this:


The other day, when I saw the screen shot of Branwne's first encounter with Tranzig after being stoned, I almost cried. I had been having a horrible day and seeing that made everything better.


I cannot tell you how much I respect and appreciate the people who have given up their time to make BG1 even better.


As for the person who thinks this is a waste of time, well, he/she is of course entitled to their own opinion, but that doesn't mean we have to listen to it. :blush:

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Guest Guest person-people

I understand you will be trying to do three romances for both female and male Pc's but so far it seems that there are only two romance options available...not nagging but, will there be third for male and female PC's? If this has already been answered, than I must have over looked it. Damn my near sightedness :)



Oh and by the way GREAT MOD!!!! :)

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Well, there are indeed 4 romances set in stone - Coran's - already out, Dynaheir's (very close to completion), Branwen's (more than half-way, I'd say) and Ajantis' - about half-way done. The 3rd romance for both male and female PC so far are up in the air:


-we failed to find Alora's romance writer in time,

-Jinnai so far have not started on writing Imoen's, though she seems to be very enthusiastic about it and usually writes fast

-Shar-Teel's is about 10 talks in, but I am unsure if I want to continue it, since nobody ever said they wanted it :)

-Xan's has a good battle plan, and a bunch of research done for it, but I need to finish Dynaheir's to say that it is a definite go.


Please, keep checking out our update thread - once a new romance is finished or goes into production, I will be sure to post a note :)

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