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It's over: I am trying to write short stories set in Forgotten Realms with the original characters nowadays, as opposite to the BG1/2 fanfiction, before switching to the fully original stories. I liked the fanfiction stuff, but I find that I want to work with the original storylines and characters. My first try was the Shawl of Snowflakes posted in the Challenge thread, and I am currently working on the Abyss Unabaited, which is a story about an elven Bladesinger :p

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I know it's kinda old, but... had to say a word or two.

I liked that a lot. The NPC Project version of Coran is excellent, and this story 'expands' him in a good way. Minuwiel is likeable, too, even though I'm generally not fond of elves.

A great ending: Suldanesselar is ruined and destroyed, Elessime is going to die, and the protagonist is all alone. Greatly written, and I enjoyed reading. Thank you for posting it here.

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Oh, boy, yeah, it's old. Those were good times, and I am glad you found the stuff amusing. Though I am pretty glad I gave up fanfiction!

Why? I think I remember one of your other works on ff.net - or was it someone else with a similar nickname... *ponders*. 'One Soul', that was the title. A fine one as well, stylishly evil, hehe.

But yeah, one can't write fanfiction to the end of his/her life. :thumbsup:

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Guest greenie
yeah, that was mine. I just like modding more as a media, and ff used to suck the time away.



ff.net is closed:(, but i really want to read "One Soul" mentioned above. Where can i find it?

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