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Need a hand with testing something


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I'm trying to get the Sarah Bodhi-nap to run bugless (if there is truly a bug, which I think there is). However, I don't want to have to play through the whole game to do this.


Is there a quick and safe way using the console to get to this encounter assuming all of Sarah's variables are set correctly?


Thank you and apologies if this is a very obvious question.

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Yes, there is. First, stay somewhere in Athkatla and set




Then make sure Sarah's romance active is at 2(again, via console).


Then save, and go to the graveyard. Everything should happen then as it should. (As if you've played up to that point). I tested it countless times.


Oh, and make sure it's not in Ch2 right after you got an offer from Valen to meet Bodhi in the graveyard. If it's so, first visit Bodhi in the graveyard, then go back, set the chapter variable to 6, etc. In fact, it's better to visit the graveyard once and then leave before setting the variables as I said.

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