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Since we seem to have gathered a reasonable group of interested people, it might be time to ask for your opinion. What do you want to happen in the romance? The general plot is more or less set, but the details are still open to change (well, in most cases the details aren't even there yet...).


You are of course allowed to make suggestions in every other thread on this board as well, but this thead might perhaps work better for random dialogue ideas, flirts or just things that don't really seem to fit in anywhere else. It doesn't matter if it's big ("I want a tragic ending where everybody ends up dead or unappy") or small ("I want Haer'Dalis to serve me breakfast after the compulsory sex scene"), I'm ready to steal all of your ideas. Umm... did I say that?


So – feel free to suggest anything you would like to happen. I'm not promising that evryything will be included, but I'm ready to take everything into consideration. And it will be Christmas soon, after all, so you never know...


JPS – I won't steal your ideas. Really, I'll give them back to you after I've used them.

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Call me odd, but I'd like to see something concrete on the 'tieflings are physically disturbing' concept.  I recall something about all the tieflings having some unique feature(tails, horns, weird rubbery skin, dumbo ears, yadayada).  


Is there info anywhere on what identifying trait H'D has that marks him as demon-spawn?...if not, artists have creative reign...mwahaha...  :D


Xtra planescape-specific info also a plus

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I would say HD's trait would be the swirly marks all over his skin. They don't quite look like tatoos to me. I've always thought they were remnants of his demonic heritage. Maybe there could be something spookily smoky about his eyes too.

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If it's not too much trouble, what I'd like to see is flirt options after the relationship is committed similar to Kelsey's romance mod. For example, taking a bath with HD, or just horsing around.


Hey, this just popped into my mind...What do people in the Forgotten Realms use as contraceptives? Maybe there could be a talk about what if the PC gets pregnant (maybe freak him out a little).  :D But that all depends on just how realistic we want this to be.

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@Barren Fischa:


Well, I tend to see that ending as something that would have worked if it had been there in the original game, but would probably not work in a mod. The game designers could, in theory at least, have thrown anything into the game and it would have been believable simply because it was there, while we have to work hard to get people's trust and make them want to believe us. Umm... or something like that... It sounded right when I started writing it...


@Mystic Tempest & KIrving:


Well, actually, Haer'Dalis never was a Sensate. He was thinking of becoming one (and in my interpretation he was very close), but for some reason he changed his mind and became a Doomguard instead. I'm working on the lovetalks dealing with that reason, and as soon as I've figured things out I'll post something in the development forum.


@Dancer Fitz:


I agree with the other posters that the marks on his skin are caused by his demonic heritage, but he could of course have other marks as well. Not horns or a tail, though, and probably not rubbery skin. That's just unpleasant. I don't know... his ears are kind of big...  :D


Another thing worth thinking about would perhaps be how far back his heritage goes. I've sort of imagined that the demon, whoever or whatever that was, would be some distant ancestor (or at least not closer than, say, a great-grand-father), but I'm open for suggestions.




Well, you've read my post in the workshop forum (or at least you've answered, so I assume that you've read it as well...), so yes, there will be things happening after the romance is completed.


And I have gathered from reviews and such that the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting includes a chapter about contraceptives (it made the reviewer wonder what kinds of games the writers usually play...). It's kind of expensive, so I don't think I will be buying it just to find out, but I suppose I could ask someone who already owns the book. Someone who already thinks I'm weird, preferably...



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To do with Hd's demon heritage - I think a great-great grandfather would be better - we don't want him TOO demony, especially if the PC decides to steer clear of the obsessive path. After all, she has to deal with her own icky heritage, so why want an odd boyfriend? But it could show in his hair colour - it's not quite natural, and I doubt hair dye is common in Amn.


Or there could be something to do with his acting ability that stems from the demon heritage. Like being able to convince people of anything maybe?

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When I played I assumed his mother was a full-blown demon, as he hints at her makeup but gets touchy and doesn't really say when you first meet him.  Though she could definetly just be the line through which the blood was carried, does anyone know for certain how that was originally?  :D


Bioware did make mention of him having an oddly disturbing aura when the PC meets him.  That's all I remember for the demon-related personal effects...

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Well, in Planescape terms, I believe someone who has a demon for a parent would be a cambion (like the Warden in the astral prison), and their children, grandchildren and so on for as long as the demonic heritage actually shows would be a tiefling. The latest edition of D&D changed "cambion" to "half-fiend", but the tiefling concept remains the same. So Haer couldn't have a mother or father who's a demon, and if his only "demonic" features are his strange hair colour and the marks on his skin, the demonic ancestor is probably somewhere far back.


That doesn't mean that he wouldn't be troubled by his ancestry, though. You could probably imagine that a tiefling would hear more about his "unclean blood" than a half-fiend would. A half-fiend in trouble could always say"if you don't stop being mean to me I'll tell my daddy" and make people leave him alone that way, but a tiefling might be in real trouble because he'd be "demonic" enough to make people react, but "normal" enough to give them the courage to actually say what they think about demons.


That's mostly speculation, but there seems to be a clear prejudice agains tieflings in Sigil, and in any other place, there would probably be outruíght hostility, so that would be enough reason for Haer'Dalis to want to keep his heritage in the background when he's dealing with someone he's just met. Once the romance progresses, it will be brought up, though, especially when you consider the PCs slightly unconventional genetical make-up as well.



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Hi :D  I don't usually post anywhere, but I'm way excited about this project and had a couple of wishes to add... *grin*


1)  A tie-in with the Sub-Races mod.  One of the sub-races you're able to choose is tiefling, after all... Certainly HD would find this more than just a little comment-worthy *grin*


2)  I've been purposely trying to avoid anything spoilerish, so if please forgive if this is an outmoded request, but: DARK romance!  Please?  HD is the perfect opportunity to get dark, obsessive, predatory and all those other sexy things.  He seems to have a streak of that a mile wide beneath his florid-poet exterior as Bioware wrote him.  After Anomen, Kelsey, and Sola (they were all lovely, don't get me wrong) I've about filled my nice-boy quota for a while.  


Not that I think he should turn evil or anything... But when you meet him, at least, he's a scoundrel... we all know that from when Samuel Thunderbump gives him the diamond from "a lady" (implying that one of HD's sexual conquests was so delighted and/or besotted that she felt like passing on a gift).  I don't gather that he's at all accustomed to being refused, and he's one the rebound from Rae'alis (sp?) for a while, at least.  I have an idea that he might consider good ol' <CHARNAME> as an excellent re-bound roll-in-the-hay but nothing more, and would flirt/seduce outrageously.  If <CHARNAME> jumps right in the sack with him?  I think HD would lose interest in a heartbeat and  start scouting for other conquests (though, if <CHARNAME> is mature enough to keep him in the party [because saving Imoen is more important than the fact that she wants to geld the tiefling bastard] he might come to his senses later, realise she's truly gotten under his skin, and come crawling back... at which time <CHARNAME> has a number of satisfying options, among them making him work for it, letting a friendship develop, or telling him to get buggered by a Cambion).  If <CHARNAME> continues to refuse his advances, with good humour or even rudely, HD would be driven to distraction with desire that is primarily the need for conquest, but eventually turns into something more (completely to his surprise).  


Anyhoo, these are my thoughts, wishes.  Thanks for taking the time to read them!  (I know I rambled on...)


Best wishes and again many thanks!



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1) The only mod we're really planning on tying in with in the first release (wow, I sound really professional when i say things like "the first release") is Unfinished Business, and that's because I'm writing and Barren Fischa is coding the lost Haer'Dalis quests as well. After that, there might be time for other mods (although I suppose other NPC mods would get the highest priority). What I'm trying to say is don't give up hope, but donät hold your breath, either...


2) Well, if you want to avoid spoilers, I suppose the only thing I should really say is "yes"  :D


A slightly more revealing answer would be that the romance will take different paths depending on how you act, and one of them will be exactly what you're looking for – dark, but not necessarily evil.


And welcome to the forum.



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