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***Minsc's family history will be discussed ...

Good thing I managed to find out about this. This is not as I saw him, but it can work, I guess. But it takes all the interest out of a PC-Minsc banter.

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If you do not like it I will cut it out. it's just an easter egg for a PC with high intelligence, because I wanted to have a reason for Dynaheir to have him along. But I need to have your version of his history to match Dynaheir's tale. So far what has been in already written dialogues indicates that they meet on the Golden way in Thesk.

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We pulled together a standard short PC initiated dialogues for all 25 NPC's The list of standard options are below - and you get the "charmed" sbippet or some biographical infor from an NPC depending on your luck. What I'd like to ask you - if you can think of a good question to ask NPC please, write it down in this thread, so we might customize a bit the sets for different NPCs if the respective Czar/Czarina thinks that she can come up with  a good short answer and it is not covered in the standard PC talks. Please, specify which NPC that would be, and keep in mind that it is not a flirt pack :( - just a quick exchange initiated by a PC.


1) You proceed with asking inquisitive questions about Ajantis’ past. (favors PC with high intelligence)


2) You talk about the Ajantis ' problems and hopes, in a friendly and kind manner, in hopes of making Ajantis to confide in you. (favors PC with high Wis)


3) You are used to hearing things from the bottom of people’s hearts...so you try to charm Ajantis into telling you more about himself. (favors PC with high CHARISMA)


4) You ask Ajantis lots of personal questions.


5) You decide that you cannot be bothered; lest you learn the things you do not want to know about Ajantis.


I think that's a great idea, no more "XX has nothing to say to you"!! The contents should be carefully matched with romance/non-romance dialogues, though. I would love to do this for Ajantis and include it to the "flirtpack" (for non-flirting case), but right now I am busy with the romance... The "flirtpack" will come after that, I hope there will be enough time left!!

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The PC-initiated dialogues will be present untill the flirt-pack kicks in :(

And that's a brilliant idea. Switching from charmed dialogues to flirtpack when romance has reached some depths and switching back to (maybe slighty altered) charmed dialogue if romance stops.


You can see the conversations in the protected forum. 
But for Ajantis I think there are none so far?
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