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Component: Game Text Update

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Your "Game Text Update" updates the original english text of Baldur's Gate 2. That's fine. The same we do with our Textpatch for the German version.


But what is with your new descriptions of weapons, spells, etc. which you must changed for the core fixes? i.e. If you must correct a spell, then you make a new description of the spell in the game. Right? Put you this in the "Game Text Update", then?


The problem what I see or what we will have in all other languages is, if you put them in the "Game Text Update", we don't get this update for our weapons, spells in our language. Fix descriptions of the Fixpack should have an own component or should included in the core fixes, so we can translate it and have it shown in our game versions. Otherwise our descriptions of such things in the game are described wrong.


Greetings Leomar

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