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Minsc/Dynaheir interjection causes CTD


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It seems I've spotted an issue here. When resting in BG1, Minsc starts an interjection with "Oh, I think Boo wants another story. Do you know any good stories, Dynaheir? Minsc has really run out of them." After Dynaheir says "Indeed. So, once upon a time the beautiful Princess Sunflower Seed went to a dance to the Sunflower Dale in the Peanut Forest-" I've got CTD.

One time I haven't got CTD, but the resting after the dialog hasn't started.

Of course, I can provide any files I have.


P.S. I've got mega-install. The WeiDU.log is here

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Hmm... Reinstallation in a slightly different order helped. This is not an issue of BG1NPC. The interjection was somehow messed by another mod.

The topic can be closed or deleted.

For those who are interested the new WeiDU.log is here.

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