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Restoring BG1 look for TuTu


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Dunno if it's even theoretically possible, but I just think the BG2 outlook in both games is just plain boring, and would love if someone could restore them old menus and loading screens and other stuffs like that. It'd be cool.

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Okay that's just... Wow.


How's the compatibility with all the other appearance changing mods, such as the one that changes Viconia's color?


Edit: I also trust that it won't bring back the stuff like poor character animations, lousy stupid journal, silly map, or other graphical stuff that, instead of simply looking different, was simply worse in BG1 and won't work after you've seen the same stuff done better?

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No compatibility issues and no bad stuff. Just plain coolness.


Remember to install it after all other mods (other than Widescreen), and get the related font as well in the PPG forums.


Also, check the Tutu Mod Compatibility and Order of Install thread stickied in this very forum if you haven't already.

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