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Sample Aerie-Del ToB Banter...


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This still has some work and editing to go on, but here is one for Aerie and Del...



Delainy: "Aerie, what are the clowns supposed to scare off?"


Aerie: "Pardon? What was that about clowns, Delainy?"


Delainy: "You lived for a time in the circus, correct? Well, after seeing your circus in Athkatla, I was curious just who the clowns were supposed to scare off."


Aerie: "Clowns aren't supposed to be frightening. They are meant to be funny, humorous. What would give you the idea they were supposed to scare anything off?"


Delainy: "Funny? With that gruesome appearance? Between the chalky skin, the crimson lips, and the sunken looking eyes, clowns are meant to be funny?"


Aerie: "Er, yes, yes they are. Although, given the reaction of some of the children..."


Delainy: "And how are they supposed to cause laughter?"


Aerie: "Well, I think it has to do with the exaggerated features--no normal person would look that way. Of course, they do other things as well. Tumbling, slapstick, that sort of thing."


Delainy: "If you say so, although I think if I make another fetich mask, I shall use their visage."


Aerie: "Fetich mask?"


Delainy: "Horrorific carvings made from wood. The more forbidding the better. They can ward off evil spirits like the ones which cause disease, bad luck, whatever."


Aerie: "And do they work?"


Delainy: "Well, I'm not sure, to be honest. Still, it keeps ones claws sharp."

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I like it. ;) Although, taboo breaking characters - which clowns essentially are - are known in many tribal traditions. (*I think.* :cool:) The 'scarecrow' is a pretty logical connection too, though.

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Although, taboo breaking characters - which clowns essentially are - are known in many tribal traditions. (*I think.* )


That they are, and one can easily list examples from various cultures.

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Good stuff.


Thank you for keeping this module alive, Bri. Today, with major companies like BioWare concentrating in making shoot 'em ups and beat 'em ups instead of traditional CRPGs a la BG2, the need for high quality user generated content is greater than ever. (I did like Jade Empire, and Mass Effect is a brilliant shooter with RPG elements, but they're not the good old CRPGs I love.) Fortunately we have many talented modders and some quite promising indie game developers around to provide us with that content.


So keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to playing this mod. :D

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Guest Guest

Sounds good - but shouldn't you make Aerie stammer a little? Maybe you could add a little of it for authenticity sake? After all, Aerie always seems to stammer when in conversation (with practically anyone)..


Just a thought. :)

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Aerie doesn't stammer nearly as much as most people seem to think. There are a few memorable dialogues with a stammer, but mostly it only shows up when she is under intense pressure and it largely disappears the further you go into the game. Its similar to Edwin's under-the-breath mutterings. He uses them enough to be iconic to his speech patterns, but not in every single dialogue.

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