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Adding NPCs to the game?

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If you know the basics, you can get a crappy one in the game in less than a day, but yeah you need a lot of time to get something good. Try making a NPC when you haven't even played the game completely...


I followed this guide pretty closely, (thanks for the TP2 part - I was stumped there) and I've hit a snag. I'm trying to run it now through WeiDu, but I keep getting a parsing error on my TP2 file. (Line 20, specifically) How did I mess this up?
We do need to see your code. If I read your statement correctly, the error is on your tp2 somewhere near line 20. You may have forgotten a ~ or some other little thing. It could be worse though and if it is, we'd need to see your code to help you.


When you do please don't use the convenient 'Insert: CODEBOX', I hate having to do side scrolling. It would be better to change font size to 1 and then use the CODE button.

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