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The subtitle for this forum is a really big spoiler

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Guest Sweet Kitty Action

I appreciate that it'd be hard to tell people about this mod (which I'm really looking forward to btw) without mentioning the betrayal, but mentioning it in the forum index isn't good form I reckon.


Could it be changed to something else?



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I guess we can think about an alternative title...


Assumption is that by the time someone is shopping around for mods for this game, they've already played the vanilla game and know the deal with Yoshi.


So do we drop a title that immediately communicates what the mod is (and probably stirs the greatest interest) in order to protect the innocence of what may only amount to... what would it be?... a small handful of new players each year? (literally maybe only one or two?)... that install a ton of mods for their very first run through the game? (Anyone doing this will almost certainly be following directions from veteran players, who presumably will not recommend this mod for a first run.)


Also, how can we even have a forum for such a Yoshi mod that won't spoil those newbies should they look in on it, regardless of what name we use? We can't.


We can think about an oblique title (something having to do with honor and betrayal) and flag the forum in some way as containing spoiler material. But who knows? Maybe a more mysterious title will tend to get folks thinking the mod deals with broader themes (eg, along the lines of Virtue), evoke even broader interest, and ironically have even more people looking in on it and spoiling new players anyway.


I mean, it's not good to spoil new players, that's true. It's just a matter of deciding how much of a concern this actually is.

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We can revise the site page as follows:


Warning! This mod's content contains a spoiler for those who have never played Shadows of Amn!


In a nutshell, this mod


* allows players to keep Yoshimo for the entire saga

* adds dialogue re: Yoshi's betrayal of the PC (his spying b/c Irenicus' Geas)

* adds an entirely new subplot for Yoshi with dialgoues and an encounter

* adds a Tree of Life dialogue for Yoshi


This is what we have so far for alpha1. Mainly, at this stage what we're ready to test is the coding to keep him throughout the saga. As noted, we have quite a bit more content in the works, but right now want to get the most basic stuff in good working order.


And we have in development


* a small (humorous) quest for Yoshi in ToB

* more roleplaying dialogue re: issues of honor and betrayal raised both by Yoshi's spying for Irenicus and our sublpot

* NPC interjections re: the mod's new content

* a ToB epilogue for Yoshimo


For those who have always wanted the option of keeping Yoshimo, I think you will not be disappointed. It really is great fun to keep him for the saga. As Yoshi advances in level he eventually becomes a backstabbing juggernaut. And of course he will have other high level thief abilities. Very nice to have this option for those who want a high level thief other than Jan (and perhaps have other class modification ideas in mind for Imoen, Jan, and Nalia via Level 1 NPCs).

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