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Fixed: Key to River Plug Missing


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Installation order:


BG1 Custom, check all, Full install

BG2 SoA and ToB Full Install

Official Patch

Baldurdash fixes

Some of the Dudley Fixes

TuTu v4

TuTu Fixpack v4


BG1NPC Music Pack

TuTu Tweaks v5


After killing Davaeorn in the last level of Cloakwood Mines, the river plug key was not in with his possessions. (And the game will not continue without it, I tried.) But an unidentified Ioun Stone was in his possessions. I messed with this half the night until I found that after uninstalling the Exotic Items Component - the river plug key returned.


I verified from the readme that installed with the mod that it was version 5 that was installed.


Thought you should know.





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i have the same problem. unfortunately uninstalling the exotic items component only took out the ioun stone, but still no river plug key on the mage's body or in my inventory. is there any other way to get this key? the CLUA console only seems to work for bg2 items.

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Just to add a note here...


If you have already killed Davaeorn you will need to load a save from before his death after uninstalling the exotic items component and kill him again for the key to reappear. (for those who don't use the CLUAConsole as much)





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