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Tutu Mod capability and install order


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The doc writes:


[12 FLOATING] Level 1 NPCs v1 [G3 ] can be installed at any point, but for the purposes of keeping the NPCs you change from being repatched or replaced by other mods, right before BG2 Tweaks or SCS seems indicated. More testing for optimal install order needed.


I have been experiencing a problem with installing level1npcs before bg2 tweaks.

You have a game going and you decide to start over with a different npc. Fine, you run the

level1npc.exe again, and ask to reinstall some chars. It goes off and uninstalls the bg2 tweaks

you have, and makes the required changes. Then it reinstalls the BG2 tweaks. All well and

good, but now all the saves you have made before this change have the wrong description

for items. A sword ended up with the description for the old boots, and some items have

no description at all. If you load everything into shadow keeper and walk through the

inventory browser you can see how messed up things are.


I have now determined that sword coast strategems (the other candidate) was completely

blameless. Its a level1npc uninstalling bg2tweaks problem.


Unless, of course, the problem is in my understanding of how things should work, and I

should never have expected my old saves to work after changing chars. Note -- this is

not 'expecting to get the new values for chars when you have already visited the areas

where they are created' ... I understand that. But I have save files from the prologue in

candlekeep which show the problem, before I have had a chance to meet anybody (except

for Finch).

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Well, that happens when you go and re-install components, after all, for them to be uninstalled, everything before them needs to be uninstalled. SEE.


I thought it was everything _after_ them that needed to be uninstalled, and then installed back. And therein

lies the problem -- level1npcs thinks it is uninstalling everything it needs to from bg2 tweaks, and then installing it

back, but the result is that the saves you have from before you uninstall and installed back have the wrong text

descriptions for items. Which I took to mean that something was not doing its job properly -- having Coran

get 2 proficiency points in short sword instead of long sword shouldn't have any effect on the _descriptions_ of

scimitars. Or am I wrong about this?



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Which I took to mean that something was not doing its job properly
Yeah, the WeiDU might not be doing it's *job properly*, but to expect it to do so, is quite much to ask in this case, as it's just a program. As you could have just skipped the NPC change options first, and then rerun it after you had desided what corse you want to make then to take.
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This suggests to me that you may as well just install L1NPCs after SCS/SCS II and BG2 Tweaks.


I've een doing this for Tutu games for 4 weeks now, and for my SoA game for the better part of this week,

and, yes, it is working for me.



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Sounds like folks are using L1NPCs as a variable on a stable install; in that case, putting it last works fine. As long as folks remember not to rejigger all the NPCs with the Tweaks like ToB-Style NPCs - there might be some odd results.


We are going to need a quick eye over the new RR as well, to recheck.

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True, cmorgan, but you shouldn't be using them both together anyway.


Mate, have you heard from Cam, Miloch or Nythrun at all? It seems that Cam/Miloch were working on or had updated their local copies of Divine Remix, and Nythrun had done the same with L1NPCs. I just wonder if we'll ever get to see these updates.


Does the modding scene have a history of modders disappearing without so much as a word? I know real life comes first, but to just completely lose contact with someone worries me a little. I suppose I am being selfish in asking this, yes, since I am interested in updates to these mods (although I do hope the modders are all okay!).

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