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Xan's romance


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I am in Cloakwood and had Xan's love talk 18:(You said: "Smile, Xan!" and I tried...) but no matter which dialogue options I choose he says he is deathly tired, and he kills the romance. After that when I initiate talks with him he only has regular friendship banters. I reloaded and tried all other options, nope...it could only get worse, as he leaves the party for good in one of the options too!


Is this supposed to happen, I mean, will the romance continue normally or is there a way to prevent Xan from killing the romance? I am confused and do not want to continue without being sure the romance is progressing so spoil me as you wish.

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Yeah, half-elf protagonist here, so half elves can never finish the romance no matter what they do, that lovetalk 18 is the natural limit for them? Uhh, I wish the read me had mentioned that!


Anyhow, I am not an expert but by checking with Shadow Keeper I noticed a new global abut XAN, Romance Inactive=1 after this talk. My instincts tell me if I remove this global the romance will continue normally. Ofcourse, it could also bug out my game but hey, such is life. (to quote the Thalanthyr of Beregost) Do you have any advices about this? I will try it, wish me luck!

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Ok so I am doing the Xan Romance and I have gotten past the Leave me alone stage and back to the I love you part. Then I get this talk, “you said smile Xan†and I say something about “ you don’t know what you are talking about.†and he runs out on me witch really makes me regret giving him those boots of speed because it just made it possible for him to run out on me faster. What I want to know is, is he gone for good? Do I have to go find him? Dose he come back? Did I blow it with him what? I would like to find him if just to kill him. Its bad enough he plays these games with a character who, considering the circumstances has abandonment issue, but to take all the magic wands with him? What a turkey.

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