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Faldorn alignment change required

Strontium Dog

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I have always thought it was ridiculous that Faldorn was true neutral in alignment when she's a shadow-druid bent on revenge against the forces of civilisation, wanting to burn down towns like Trademeet. Any chance of making her neutral-evil in alignment, for accuracy?


Also, is there any sort of mod out there which plans on doing a BG2NPC-enhancement version of your mod? I'm curious as I would love options, such as in BG2, where I could ally with Faldorn, say, against the town of TradeMeet, or join with Safana in chapter 6 of BG2 etc.

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If you look at Faldorn's character sketch I outlined my reasons why I see her as True Neutral there. If I had infinite amount of time, I'd work on both Safana and Faldorn in BG2. I made my version of Safana in IWD2 - it's Salomeya. :)

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