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RealmsLore Question: a story of betrayal?


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Dear Loremasters, I need a reference to a story of betrayal, prefereably by a close friend in the Realms Lore. I am looking for something as big picture and relatively simple as Brutus/Cesar or Theseus/Ariadne

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Yep, Andyr is right - I would recognize spelling Brutus as Latin if I read it, but I will tend to write the way I learned it in my native tongue when I was a slip of a girl. I actually did check Theseus and Ariadne, since I was tempted to type in Tezey and Ariadna, but figured that must be surely wrong :(

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Guest Aristothenes

If I'm not wrong, you could have a story of betrayal concerning Elaith Craulnober and Arilyn Moonblade.

I don't remember that well, but he was a baddie Harper, killed some of his friends

(Not that meddling people at some point don't become bad)

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I was thinking of that golden elf from first Moonblade story (Kumyl? betraying Arilyn?), but I need to check if it happend prior to 1368. My second idea is Thethyrian royal murders prior to Civil war there, but I need to review the details...

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Can you give more background on the actual betrayal mechanism? Ie how did Cyric came to kill Kelemvor guy?


Arylin works as well, it is 1361: Rumors of the Harper Assassin spread throughout Waterdeep/The Harper Assassin plagues the North. Danilo Thann and Arilyn Moonblade discover that the assassin is really the gold elf Kymil Nimesin.

Danilo Thann becomes a Harper.

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How about Cyric's betrayal of Kelemvor, Midnight and Adon?

That's a pretty long story, though... And I wouldn't say they were all close friends, since it only seemed to be Midnight that liked Cyric. :(

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