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Give Coran a legal Dex Score?


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I always find it a bit odd when I see it is possible to give Kagain a legal Con Score of 19, but it is not possible (unless using shadowkeeper, Which is a bit to much hassle for me already) to give Coran a legal Dex score of 19. I would apreacite it if this component was added, even if it was just for completeness :D


Speaking of Attributes... I would like to see a more 3e/4e style attribute bonus in BG2. Since having 14 dex (which is reasonbly good) has no effect at all, while having a dex of 15 suddenly has... and a dex of 16 is a major improvement over dex 15. And having Dex 8 has no effect at all. I would like to see that the change is more gradual, like in the 3rd and 4rd edition of DnD.

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Can't do much for the 3e/4e bonuses, but thanks for the Coran catch. I've never played with him, so I never noticed.


I don't know when Cam will be back, or who will update the BG2 Tweak Pack, but The Coran fix will be in the next version of BG1 Tweaks.

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Guest Roboghost

I always looked at it that those NPC's with bonus stats simply came across one of the tomes that you'll eventually encounter for yourself :p


By the way, if you look at the code for the creatures that you're up against -- many of them have bonus weapon proficiencies beyond their class so that they are not too much of a wimp against you, etc.

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