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The OC ending this time

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He will join the evil side iirc and will get killed by Garius forcefully, something like that. But i can't rely on my memory here. I wish I had the game on the laptop I am taking to the conference on Wed-Fri, but I do not. I will try to negotiate some modding time in over the weeknd with my husband and start checking on the problems.

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I simply don't remember, sorry. I know there were different ending for differnt alignments, and working on the auto-kill. What came out in the end... just don't remember. Lot's of other writing, plots and life since then :)

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Well he is right with me before the king of shadows! And he was with me during the fight.

But this was playing the Bishop romance. If you pass the diplomacy test and get the additional dialog, He says something about trying to hate you and couldn´t and that he loves you I think and then joins youre side to fight garius and garius doesn`t kill him either.

I have a save right before meeting garius aswell from the Bishop romance but it doesn`t work anymore if you don`t delete the one in Casavirs file i think. (Havn`t tried yet because I´m playing the Casavir romance now)

Well in any case he did join me before. I was a neutral good Druid. But I have said this before.

Well just had to clear that up sorry :) but he definently joined me before.

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Domi, are you going to have time to look into this?


I know it was unchanged from the Bishop romance, but I'm thinking that you wrote it so that you couldn't change the inevitable, you just got more dialogue first. I'm about 90% certain of it.


I haven't even got NWN2 on my HD, at the moment, though I should probably just get it installed so I can fix Bevil's bug and Casavir's two bugs, see if I can get Gann's 30-some love confessions sorted, and go back to IE-land. Yeah, I'm saying that if you don't get around to it, I'll probably be reinstalling this week... prolly in time for MoW.

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Domi, I'm afraid I'm going to have to defer to you on this one. You're the expert on the Bishop Romance, and I don't know when I'm going to have the time to look into it, especially if it involves looking into old versions, most of which I don't have.

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I'll try my best to get to it. I will be giving my last shot to going back to modding this month, and see if it works out with the way my life now is. Let's hope it will be possible. Because if not, I might as well pack up my gaming rig for good. :)

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okay, i opened my save today only to discover that the mod worked fine all along, i just didn't scroll down the menu (!!!)so i didn't see the last option :rolleyes: . when i choosed it i got the talk just fine and Bish joined me to fight against B. Garius

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Guest AndreeaA

After reading the forum posts and searching the game files I finally got the last LT with Bishop and made him join the party.

1. I've deleted the file: CasavirRomance\dlg\3430_cs_enter.dlg,

2. I've loaded a saved game before the battle with Black Garius, with Bishop romance active,

3. I've cheated my character to be chaotic evil and to have 100 influence with Bishop

...and it worked.


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