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Opcode #98 - HP: Regeneration


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This effect is unfortunately not as useful as IESDP would have it be. All three types of regeneration work but only when using the timing method Duration (I also tested Permanent, While Equipped and Delayed Duration).



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Well, no-one ever told me.

It tested it (I had some free time, and it didnt take long), and I was further convinved by ringwolf.itm (regen opcode, with duration timing 99999 - probably since permanent doesnt work :) )

Anyway, added to local copy.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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Guest 5th_Horseman

Are Bg1 and BG2 that different, I haven't played BG1 for while, but would swear regeneration works in BG1, as I made a"Belt of Trolldom" basicily str and con bonus, immune to pioson and disease, minus chr, turn skin ugly green and regeration all these effect were in equipping effects with while equipped as timing. It has nasty catch it sets str to 18/76 to bad if your str was higher.

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