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Barren I agree to an extent. I *hate* int drain. However in 3.5 only one PrC gets immunity to this, not general psions, PsiWars, or Soul Knives.


As for psi combat I vote against. It's one of the things I like about 3.5. The 'combat' modes got turned into normal powers and can still be used in combat but they don't really take over an encounter they way the 2nd ed psi combat did. 3.5's way is much more party friendly and IMO better suited for BG. That said I hope that Psions can get some sort of defenses against the mind blasts and whatnot. Heck, as it is the Ring of Free Action is pratical immunity to the existing BG mind attacks. That might should be changed somewhat as well....


As for other attempts. I seem to recall that the Tower of Iron Will project sacrificed Diviner Mages to create Psions types. Psi Warriors seem like they could be done with a Paladin or Ranger base save for the 'falling' issues. Your Soul Knife does need a bit more. I can't remeber exactly what the 3.5 soulknife does, but I do remember that he has a fighter THACO and a nice 'Knife to the Soul' ability. Given that I think that your SoulKnife ought to gain +1 THACO every 5 levels or so. Might not be a bad idea to give him a more advanced version of the Soul Knife around level 20 or so too.

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Thanks for the comments, Rath. :)


Regarding the Soulknife, I was thinking of using Sim's suggestion of adding range. I'm probably going to drop the power manifestation from the kit, in which case I guess a thac0 boost is a possibility. Knife to the Soul I was going to use as a base for an HLA.


I am probably going to base the Psi Warrior off a Fighter and do powers via innates. The Psion will probably be a mage, but chosen as a kit through the Thief screen or something so as not to replace any of the Mage ones. And yes, it is possible to do that. :)


Refinements to existing psionic creatures are another point I am going to include - I'll maybe give the Illithid some new powers, and either replace or edit the existing ones. I don't think I'll make the INT drain something the PCs can do themselves if psionic - not all powers are necessarily known by everyone ;) - though I did think of some sort of personal defence against if for psionic characters (a power based off one of the old combat modes like Tower of Iron Will).

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How are psions/psychic warriors and the like going to gain access to powers? Are you going to organize a level system for various powers like in 3E? How often will these powers be usable? At will? A set number of times per day based on level? Based on a mana style system? If you can implement it I suggest the mana style system. I know Max implemented such a system for mages in DLTC, but I am unsure if you could apply it only to psionic characters for LOI.

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I have got a system similar to the Sorcerer's working at the moment with a couple of powers, but I can't put it in the mage book. So powers are accessed via the Special Abilities tab - you get a menu in a similar way to the Spell Immunity school selection.


I've seen Max's stuff but am not sure if I can generalise to a power point system purely, my current work is based off levels still. However, Kwiat W sent me some code I am poking around which may have an alternative system, closer to power points. :)

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Yes, I want to make them feel different from spell casting. :)


Also, using them as innates gives me more power and frees me from the restrictions of using a Ranger or Paladin or Bard or Mage or whatever.

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will psionic monks be available. imo since monk's spiratual training gives then super-natural physacal abilities, mental ones would make at least as much sense
I suggested that myself, since I'm already going to be creating at least three other types of monk. So hopefully one will make an appearance, yes .


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Alright, well, if you can actually make this work, I will worship you forever. I have ALWAYS wanted to play psionics, but there has never been a game where that was really an option. Certainly none of the IE games, and not even any other game, for that matter, which isn't a straight FPS. So, I'm spoiling all over for this.


But it looks like it's gonna be hell to implement.


First off, you're inplementing a brand new tree of brand new abilities, that's a lot of hard work! I'd help if I could, but I can't mod for beans so ... :thumbsup:. Second, you're implementing several different versions of the psion, from straight psion to soulknife, plus a psionic monk! More hard work! I've seen at least three people try this kind of thing, only to give up halfway through. Here's to hoping you persevere, because despite all my negativity I really REALLY want it to happen!


Good luck, and great idea (if you can manage to make it all work)!

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Well, the Soulknife works fine. :thumbsup: The psion and psionic warrior are a little more tricky because there's several ways to do it, I have a preliminary build but not many powers yet. So we'll see how it goes.


The monk's a possibility only, so we'll see again what happens. :D

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