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Yeh, the 3E ones had the same names. :thumbsup:


I'm not sure there are sufficient psionic enemies in the game to warrant inclusion of psionic combat modes. :D And they are almost useless against non - psionic creatures...


The 1st Ed had same names, "Psi Blast" if you were strong enough could effect non psionics, psionic combat was resolved at 10 times the speed of everything else.


I think you should give the psioniic creaturers the powers as otherwise (since in 1E) psiionics were an xtra to classes and not a class of their own, they(psionic weilders) became uber powered.


Another neat feature was the ability of psionics to pool their mana in order to exercise disciplines or attack/defend. I never really worked out how to do psi-combat, is it like sicissors rock paper, or did the attacks get chosen and the most appropriate defense get selected


WRT to not enough psi-enemies, I'd expect some of the mind flayer encounters to kill most psionics using their psi-blasts; the psionic would be deeply out numbered, Psi-power was generated by a score on wis,int & cha. and the psi combat works at 10 times the speed of physical comabat. It would usually be over before the barbarian could cleave the MF in two with his axe.


The only way I and my (then) playing companions saw round this was tohave a complete party psioniic and ensure that they were reasonably powerful psionically. This often made non-psioniic encounters rather easy.


They were & remain an area that interested/s me and I really enjoyed the "Saga of the Exiles" whiich to me is the best psionic fiction I've read. Hope this helps. Bestof Luck :D

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That's Kimmuriel Oblodra. He's a member of Bregan D'aerthe, Jarlaxle's mercenary group. When he combines his powers with those of the group's resident mage, they can pull off some pretty impressive stunts (like travelling instantly from Calimport to Luskan).


The Paths of Darkness trilogy, and Servant of the Shard in particular, feature him.

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Is Saga of the Exiles a dnd novel? I've not found much psionic in dnd novels this far, if there are some it might be interesting to read them to get a better 'feel' for how the systems work.

No, SoE is a curious science fiction story set in a fantasy genre. The earth's pre-history civililisation is based upon time travellers from our near future and humanoid aliens (elves & goblinoids) from another galaxy. The implication is that our/todays tales of swords & sorcery are actually deformed tales of science & psycics


Here is a hyperlink to one of the few fan pages for the book. I don't think the author has a web presence.


Go Here :thumbsup:

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I really liked Paths of Darkness (BTW I was wrong - it's a quadrilogy, not a trilogy :D), though if you haven't read the previous set, Legacy of the Drow, you'll occassionaly find yourself wondering what's going on or why something's happening... and of course to fully understand LotD, you'll need to have read the previous two trilogies :thumbsup:.


Amazon.co.uk are doing the omnibus edition (which is 1166 pages!) for £5.99 at the moment, so you can't really argue with the price :D.

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Hmm, another Andyr thread, another Bobbo reply. Coincidence? Perhaps.


A few posts up (and many moons ago) you asked about D&D novels that showed psionics in action, and I had an immediate twinned response under one umbrella--Dark Sun. There was the Prism Pentad by Troy Denning and the Tribe of One trilogy by Simon Hawke. Lots of examples of psionics in action. It took me some time (a number of years, in truth) to find them all, but a couple of the books are pretty easy to track down at used bookstores that carry sci-fi/fantasy, and every one of the 8 books is worth the purchase.

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