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A few missing actions.


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Since igi threatened to drink lemonade if I didn't post this, I'll do it.


I haven't found out yet exactly what they do, with one exception, and that's why I've waited to post them. If someone else can shed some light on what they do, I'd be very happy (and I bet igi too...).


212 GlobalShout(I:ID*)

213 StaticStart(O:Object*)

214 StaticStop(O:Object*)

241 Calm(O:Object)

337 ReallyForceSpellPoint(P:Target,I:Spell*Spell)

190 FinalSave()

161 IncrementChapter(I:STRREF*)


The one I know is the FinalSave(), but I don't think that needs a special explanation. Can be useful for TC's, though.


[EDIT] - These actions are for BGII.

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212 GlobalShout(I:ID*SHOUTIDS)

GlobalShout() acts like Shout(), except there is no range to it. If I use GlobalShout(10), any creature in the area can use Heard() to detect it, assuming that creature is loaded into the game. What I mean by "loaded into the game" is that, once creatures leave the sight of PC's, their AI is often turned off. To keep their AI on, they need to have the AIFAST.itm equipped or effect #293 "Enable Offscreen AI" applied.


213, 214 - No idea.


241 - I'd assume this counteracts the panic effect.


337 ReallyForceSpellPoint(P:Target*,I:Spell*Spell)

See ReallyForceSpell(). This one just forces to a point instead of an object.


190 - You're not working with BG2 if you've got FinalSave(). It's SaveGame() in BG2, which allows you to specify a slot to save in.


161 IncrementChapter(S:RESREF*)

Is used to display two strings from a 2da file called CHTXT**.2da, with ** being the chapter 1-10. The first string from the 2da corresponds to the current chaper, and the second is the text displayed about that chapter.

(IESDP has examples of usage.)

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241 - I'd say this too.


190 - In this case, it's a leftover from BGI. I found the action, and the number, in a BGII-file.


@Quotes - I guess this is quotes from IESDP. Not from the BGII-actions though, except for 212, which actually differs from the one already in the IESDP.


Not sure if the difference is significant, though.

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While some of these actions were already in the IESDP, this post did prompt me to actually check action.ids again. None of the following were listed in the IESDP:


213 StaticStart(O:Object*)

(Probably) Starts the specified (area) animation.


214 StaticStop(O:Object*)

Stops the specified (area) animation.


241 Calm(O:Object)

(Maybe) Removes beserking? Berserk() is listed as not doing anything though, so maybe Calm() doesnt either.


283 RegainPaladinHood()

Regains PaladinHood.


284 RegainRangerHood()

Regains RangerHood.


328 RemoveMapNote(P:Position*,I:STRREF*)

Removes a map note.


329 TriggerWalkTo(O:Object*)



340 StaticSequence(O:Object*,I:Sequence*)

Plays the specified sequence in the animation named "object" in the current the current area.


341 StaticPalette(S:Palette*,O:Object*)

Changes the palate (bmp file) of the specified animation object.

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