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Introducing Miella


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Miella (pronounced Me-ellah)



Neutral Good

Priestess of Lliira

Age: 25


STR 14 (carrying burdens for her father)

DEX 15 (lot of coin handling)

CON 13 (had a prosperous life as a child, never starved)

INT 9 (haven't read much, isn't that interested in the book knowledge)

WIS 18 (is kind of an old soul, has been wiser than her years even since childhood)

CHA 14 (not bad looking, and has had possibilities to take care of her appearance)


Miella will be found in Trademeet.



When asked about her past, Miella states that there is nothing peculiar about it (or her). She is one of the daughters of a wealthy merchant from Trademeet. Her parents still reside there, and she has two older sisters and a younger brother. Her sisters are married and they go-own a small jewelry shop, and her brother is following the footsteps of their father and will hopefully take over his business someday.


Even as a young girl Miella knew she would want to worship Lliira. Her parents (Morena and Daren Mirthwood) weren’t thrilled at first, but at the time she became old enough to decide over her own life, they couldn’t stop her from choosing a path to become a priest of Lliira. They accepted the fact, and supported their daughter’s decision.


Miella is very affectionate person, who loves her parents and siblings dearly. She is also very much dedicated worshipper of Lliira, and she is also very loyal to her friends. Her basic character is calm and supporting, but when she has enough reason, she can be fierce. This is mostly due to either someone mocking her god or misusing her trustful nature. She is the one who will be the first to give a shoulder to cry on, if it is needed.



Her Goddess:


"Lliira - Goddess of Happiness & Freedom

Our Lady of Joy is a popular minor goddess, and she is becoming moreso among people throughout the Realms. She is a goddess of revelry and festivals, and her priests stress the advantages of a good life well lived."



The mod will also add two new merchants to Trademeet, with some revolutionary items to sell. Maybe not that useful for killing monsters (well, not all), but might get some interest among the ladies in the party - at least some of them...


At this time SoA only (because I don't even have the ToB yet...).

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