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Allright, I tried to imagine here, what people might want to know :) If you can't find any information you want in this, just post a new question in this thread, and I will answer.


Will she be WeiDU compatible?


Yes, at least I will try to code her with WeiDU. As I have done no coding before, I will have to learn, but I think WeiDU is the one I am going to use for it.


Will there be a romance?


At first there will be no romance with the PC, but I am planning that she will have a romance with someone else. Later, when I see how this will be going, I might write a romance also for the PC.


Will she have banters with the other NPCs?


I am planning on writing at least one banter with her and the Bioware NPCs, propably two or more in some cases. And she will have something to say to non-joinable NPCs as well.


Will there be new items or quests?


Yes, there will be at least two new items, perhaps three (it depends...). And there will be one larger quest, maybe two mini quests. The items will have new original graphics done just for Miella.


Will there be voicing?


I certainly hope there will :( It is too early to tell more about this, though I have been thinking about it. I have connections which might get me a permission to use a recording studio, but I still would need a voice actress to do the actual talking - and a one that can pronounce English a little better than myself :(

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If you happen to have too many problems making it in WeiDU, I`m sure one of the WeiDU grandmasters would gladly help you -- probably for a fee of at least 100 gold coins/kilobyte written. :) (I`m not a WeiDU guru so I may not be wise of talking instead of others, but still).

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It's probably a *bit* early for this, but will there be a ToB part of this mod? Cause I seem to remember you saying that you did not have ToB?


Also, I assume that there will be a PC version of this mod too, though you were a Mac user, were you not? I don't know anything about the differences that PC/Mac versions would have or about modding with Mac, so forgive me if this was a stupid question.

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Yes, I do not have ToB yet, for two reasons: It has been out for Macs only a year now, and because it is so expensive! Yep, 55 US dollars in MacGames and 33 pounds in MacPlay (with shipping costs), where I have usually ordered my Mac games (and I think ToB isn't that good a game to buy with that much money, even for all the mods that can't be played without it...). Though I have also bought used games from Amazon at times, but there haven't been any used ToBs for Mac for sale yet.


But I am planning to buy a PC (yep that is how far I am willing to go), to be able to do this mod, since otherwise I would be forced to get MacOSX system (we have only OS9.1), and I think it would be more expensive than buying an old PC... this is because the tools are almost solely for either PC or OSX. So yes, this will be for PC also, though if there would be tools for OS9 it would still be for PC. It can be done, since JPS is also using Mac for doing the Haer'dalis romance, you know. Though I don't know how...still a lot to learn. But I think the only difference between the Mac and PC is the setup.exe. Macs don't use it. I have few mods on our Mac installed through a PC so they are not Mac versions at all, and they still run fine on the Mac.


About the ToB - well I don't know. I take one step at a time, and I have to at first get ToB and PLAY it to get familiar with it :) - and since I need to spend some time in writing the mod too, the playing will take time off from that. Heh, maybe I could give the job to write Miella to ToB to someone else after I have completed the SoA part and it has been out there a while :( (yep, one can dream).

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