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Another portrait remake


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Well... I'm sick and sitting at home with nothing to do, because it's hard to focus having half a brain left for use. So I've taken Aklon's handsome face and played a bit with it in PS. Here's the result compared to original:




At first I just wanted to make something with hair as a practice, but then I noticed that his clothing is weirdly blurred and copy/pasted at one point, so I've redone this as well. I know I've taken quite some liberty in that one, but I wanted to give him somehow more 'exotic" outfit. The background, well, I think in the spirit of BG portraits it should be some surreal/one-colored one, so that's what came to my mind.


I need a serious practice on realism ):


Gods, I must really be bored to write all this stuff :)

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Indeed, it's a very nice edit! The loose hair is a nice touch, it gives the sense that there's been a bit of a fight or some other exertion recently, and the heavier shading on the hair is also very effective.


You're right in that there is a bit of a nasty copy-paste line on Aklon' sleve in the original, though I'm fairly sure my master copies back home have been touched up by my artist to get rid of that. The odd blurring is meant to be ragged, slightly ripped leather, as Aklon is generally supposed to be wearing simple, worn peasant garb of canvas and leather. Plus he stole it from soneon in BG1 and we had to take out some identifying bits...


There is, however, a sequence where <CHARNAME> can try to brighten him up a bit, so to speak, and the costume you've drawn would be quite suitable for that. I'm always happy to have alternative interpretations of Aklon's portrait around, it gives people plenty of choice when he eventually comes out, so thanks for making it available! If you'd be amenable, I'll package this up with the others in the full mod, with author credit, of course.



Also, get well soon!

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Guest kimmuryiel

Love these portraits, but one thing is bugging me about all those portraits (including the original)...the ear needs te be rotated. Where the front connects to the body should follow the line of the jaw when it turns up (if you wanna know what I mean, put your finger on your jaw and follow it toward your head until you get to your ear). Also, the hair should either tuck above the ear or should be in front of it (currently, the original, it looks like the ear connects to the head through the hair). With a ponytail, either is possible, but it being tucked over the the ear is more likely. These portraits will look SO much better if these adjustments are made. Correct placement for where the ear should be on the head though :)


otherwise, can't wait to try him out :p (my sister and I noticed that all the well done, straight romances for females are casters. Closest you can get to a fighter is Xan if you change his class to fighter/mage :p...I don't count Solaufein as particularly well done....romance doesn't change whether it's started in SoA or ToB and the epilogue doens't change much whether you stay with him, reject his love altogether, or go. Edwin's my current favorite cause it's realistic (take awhile for him to fall in love with you), ToB's romance is a continuation of SoA's romance, and the epilogue changes whether you stay with him, leave him, or reject him altogether.)

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I'd have to agree with you that most good romances for females are casters but at least they're good. I liked the Solaufein romance (though it gave me a couple problems) it was sweet and intellectual which I loved I can't stand stupid people honestly. But I'd also have to agree it doesn't vary much on your choices which is a pity. I loved Xan and liked Edwin. I had no problems with the romance itself but the mod was just so buggy at least for me and that it defiantly put me off from playing it again at for a while anyway. I may try again later and try to fix it.

Also now that you mention it there does appear to be something off with his ear guess it just had to brought to my attention.

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Thanks for the comments, kimmuryiel, I hope as the only well done (well, hopefully) non-caster romance Aklon comes up trumps. :) To be honest, I never thought of that before, I remembered Soulafien and just figured Aklon was one of the bunch. I think when I started he was the only Monk romance in development, but I think he's been way surpassed on that now, due to my writing speed.


I see what you mean about the hair, it does look a little like his ear just bolts straight onto his head and the hair isn't passing behind it (as it's meant to). I'll make a note and talk to my artist to see if I can have it fixed.


As for the ear, that is actually the position it's in in the photo Aklon's portrait is based off. It could well be a trick of the shadows (and hence the same effect reproduced in the portrait), or it could just be that person has ears that are slightly forward of the norm. Shadows, I would think.

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