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changing item descriptions ingame


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Another Question... :)



One of my items comes in 7 different versions (from weak to strong, naturally) but needs ~20 item descriptions (story-related).


Is there a way to change the item descriptions ingame or do I have to implement the item 20 times with each its own description? (I just ask because the later descriptions are *really* loooong and completely destroy my nice, little and very clean tp2... ;))


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your answer! I thought so but one never knows.


I'll use tras eventually of course but not while I am still working (which means using trial and error to dig myself through stuff I find in the IESDP but don't understand or know how to use properly :)). Right now traifying would be even more confusing because with all the ingame text I have at least a connection between all that evil code from hell and the content it is supposed to bring into the game... ;)

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You can set the description to a token, and update that in-game.
While I am sure this was meant to be helpful...


I have no clue what it means...


Can you explain it a bit more in depth? Or point us to a place where it has already been discussed and possibly contains proper usage within the game and/or using weidu to code up the changes? Thank you...

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