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IWD:HoW Stores type 4, offest 0x08.


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This is listed as Unknown in NI.


First note the IESDP says IWD uses v1 .STO files, but NI says the file version is v9.0... So you might want to change that. :(


Anyhow, Store Type 4 (offest 0x08) means Container - the Bags of Holding and Gem Bags etc use it. I haven't seen other files which do.


Note this is only IWD: The description in the IESDP is correct for BGII.


This means that offset 0x08 in a .STO file in IWD is:


0 Store
1 Tavern
2 Inn
3 Temple
4 Container


I've only looked at this with HoW and TotL installed, but assume the same is true in the vanilla game and HoW.


Hope this helps! :)

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