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Here are some observances from experience and from viewing with NI. I'm providing this information because, at present, IESDP only gives info for store 1.0.


Version 1.0 info:


BG2 adds value 5 (Container) to the store Type at offset 0x08. Value 4 is shown as unknown in NI, and doesn't appear to be used by any of BG2's store files. I haven't tested value 4.


Version 9.0 info:


(I only have IWD2 to look at, as IWD is currently uninstalled.)


This version adds value 4 (Container) to the store Type at offset 0x08. There is no value 5. (It is not available as a choice in NI.)


The Flags variable at offset 0x10 appears to have bit 12 unknown in NI. In version 1.0 this controlled whether or not a store could purchase fenced goods.


The Word at offset 0x9C replaces the one at 0x022 as the Storage Capacity variable, and setting this value to 0 prevents any items from being placed into the container, unlike in 1.0. To get "bottomless" bags in this version, one must set this value to 0xFFFF.


Items for Sale and Purchase, Cures for Sale, and Drinks for Sale begin at offset 0xF0, instead of 0x9C as they did in version 1.0. The bytes from 0x9E to 0xEF are typically zero-fill and unknown, and are present in all IWD2 store files.


All other information appears to be identical to that given in version 1.0's definition (which has some info for IWD and IWD2 mixed in.)


Update: I just noticed AndyR's post about store files in the archives, which jogged my memory...


IWD uses store version 1.0, and HoW uses store version 9.0, if I recall correctly.

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After being told HoW used v9, I went and checked, and found the things you listed, cool eh? ANywya, it is terriffic to have people confirm and check and stuff, brilliant! :)

I've left the IWD item-types listed in the v1 sto description as IWD uses sto v1, so someone might want them for that. Maybe.

So, this is all in the local copy.


One question - IWD2 uses sto v9? With no changes from the v9 in HoW? Does that mean the IESDP has a IWD2 file-format described??! Gah!


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