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Opcode #140 - (Casting Glow)


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Displays the animation that appears above spellcasters while they are casting a spell.


0-8: Crash

9: Blue circle

10: White ball (Divination)

11: Yellow light (Enchantment)

12: Green ball (Abjuration)

13: Black ball

14: Purple circle (Conjuration)

15: Red ball (Invocation)

16: Lightning circle


I am not sure where to put Alteration, Illusion or Necromancy.



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This is in bg2effects.dat for ages:


9 Casting Glow Aqua (Necromancy)

10 Casting Glow Blue (Alteration)

11 Casting Glow Gold (Enchantment)

12 Casting Glow Green (Abjuration)

13 Casting Glow Magenta (Illusion)

14 Casting Glow Purple (Conjuration)

15 Casting Glow Red (Invocation)

16 Casting Glow White (Divination)

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