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v10 appearing soon--contributions?


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Well, I know Bookwyrme wanted to have banters between Aurora and other NPCs like Solaufein, Kelsey, Hubelpot etc. - in fact the (old) FAQ says they're already written, though that may be a lie. I guess I can check the old workroom posts, unless you want to :party:.


Edit: it ain't a lie... buried in the workroom are banters with Kelsey, Solaufein, Hubelpot, Morul, Pica and Nara. Dunno if you want to include those last 3 if she's not gonna finish Mage Trio anytime soon, but that's your call.

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How's this coming along? If you haven't had a chance, maybe I'll get the next version, after all, since it's likely that there are going to be some interjections or banters added between Neh'taniel and Aidan from Fading Promises.

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Yep to both :)


I am otherwise busy, but all but one or two banters are written & most of its coded (but I have no idea how long the parts that aren't will take, even after I start; rule of thumb seems to be twice as long as I think and then some), so I <i>do</i> plan on finishing the Trio.


But, yeah, waiting on the Trio to update Crossmod would be bad :D

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And including the banters in crossmod at this point would be pointless, since it's generally a bad idea to include components we can't test.


IIRC, they're just banters--no special conditions, but it's not a big deal if you don't. I mean, like I said, I have no idea how long the remaining coding will take, even when I start.

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