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A Taste of Middle Earth menu


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We will have a charity event at work, where teams will be cooking up stuff for a certain country/culture, and I want to do Middle Earth. I was wondering what you folks think about this idea for Middle Earth men/have suggestions. Please keep in mind, it has to be easily divisible and made in quantities enough to provide bite-sized portions for like 200 people. :party:


Hobbits: Sam's Rabbit Stew (if we can source rabbit eaily & cheaply) or Farmer's Maggot's Braised Mushrooms with Corn and Carrots (supposedly Merry and Pippin's bounty).

Dwarves: Colcannon (meat and cabbage side)

Elves: Lembas Bread (honey biscuits)

Humans: Apples a-la Aragorn (sliced fresh apples tossed with honey, lemon juice, cinnamon, cloves and sugar)


Maybe: Ent's Draught - green fruit punch with kiwi, honeydew and lime.

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Sounds good. Don't know if you're going to be able to get rabbit cheap enough, though. It's pretty pricey by me.


You might want to consider honey shortbread (I googled the recipe) for lembas. It's easier to make bar cookies for a crowd.

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I like the too little butter spread on too much bread! We should have it as an offering, lol. Yep, honey short-bread is something we are thinking off, or maybe some sort of basic cookie dough cut up into leaf shapes for lembas :party: We are thinking that chicken is going to RP as rabbit...

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That's what I did when the extended version of RotK was released. Had a hobbit party and watched all three movies one after the other, with six meals of foods from the three books, but it went chronologically as well as by meal, so breakfast was Shire foods from FotR and dinner was Sam's rabbit stew from RotK, with chicken standing in for rabbit. I've probably got the menu floating around somewhere. IIRC, there were 10 of us.

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