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Something for the americans.


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What little I know of German is that prefixes, suffixes, and infixes can result in some of the monster words you see. English has no infixes.


Well... I guess there is one infix in English but I don't think words like unf******believable are acceptable for polite conversation. :D

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Loke the point was that you pointed out that it seemed weird for Americans to do something, and the British to do another.  Heh, to me, it seems that it would be best to first make sure one's own language makes sense before picking on another ;-)


You tried to blame it on the Danish, and sure that's the origin, but its not like the Brits have gone back to try and make everything logical in their linguistic backyard. :D

Actually your launguage is english birdie. It's just you developed your own words for things. :D


I'm not attacking. I'm serious when I ask, why 'math'? If anything because it's hard to say...

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Theres a proper name for doing that I can't think what it is but its basically adding a word halfway through a world

e.g. Sen-f**cking-sational

An infix.

Other than infix. I remember hearing it on an episode of QI. Apparently its one of Stephen Fry's favourite words. If I think what it is then I'll post it.

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