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Need Item made


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Hi guys, I need an item made - a large shield (w/o enchantment), but which gives +1 const bonus when worn. It needs to be lightweight, regular useabilty, make sure can be used by sc druid; no strength restriction to use, Neutral alignments only to use.

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Do not have time to learn once and for all how to do it well and quickly (not a DLTCEP user) - and need it urgently. As in tonight. Overall prefer to have specialists for Items, specialists for BAMs etc. If I could I have had Champions for every venue of modding on the team. If nobody will do it, I will, but one can hope, right?

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Since I've been pretty slack lately, here it is... :D


Large shield, just added Druid to standard usabilities already there. Left the standard BAMs, chose the one with green colouration.


Weight decreased to 5, Lore to identify set to 30, Strength requirement removed, only TN may use.


Gives a bonus of +1 to CON when equipped.


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