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EasyTutu installation error - Missing area files

Guest Darwin

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When I attempt to install the latest version of EasyTutu on my computer I get an error claiming that there are missing area files from my installation of Baldur's Gate. I've searched high and low for a solution, and double checked that I followed the installation procedure correctly.


1. I installed Baldur's Gate with ToSC.

2. I patched BG1 with the official patch from Bioware.

3. I installed Baldur's Gate 2 SoA.

4. I installed the Baldur's Gate 2 ToB expansion.

5. I patched BG2 ToB with the official ToB patch from Bioware.

6. I attempted to install EasyTutu and WHAMMO! Installation error...


The error message I get is as follows:


Files missing from your BG1 installation:

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA000B.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA000C.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA000D.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA000E.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA000F.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA000G.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA000H.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0100.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA010A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA010B.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0200.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA020A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA020B.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0300.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA030A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA030B.bif


Please help me out guys, I've done all I could.

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I downloaded the archive and extracted the files into the data folder, but as soon as I tried another installation of BgTutu I was prompted with another error message: more files missing!


I checked the CDs (I have the 6 CD version) and found a good amount of the missing files, but not all of them.


This is the list of files that I'm apparently missing.


C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0100.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0200.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0300.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0400.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA040X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0600.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA060A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0700.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA070A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0800.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA080A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA080B.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA0900.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA090X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA1100.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA110A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA110B.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA110C.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA1200.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA120A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA120B.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA1300.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA130A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA1400.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA140A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA140B.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA1600.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA160X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA1700.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA1800.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA180a.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA180b.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA180c.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA180D.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA180E.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA1900.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA190X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA2100.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA210X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA2200.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA220X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA2300.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA230A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA230b.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA2400.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA260b.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA260c.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA2900.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3000.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3100.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3200.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA320X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3300.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA330a.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA330b.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA330c.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA330d.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3400.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA340X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3500.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3600.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA360X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3700.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA3800.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA380X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA400X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4100.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA410X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4200.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4300.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4400.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA440X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4500.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA450X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4600.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4700.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA470X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4800.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA480X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA4900.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA490X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA5000.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA500X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA5100.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA510X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA5200.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA520X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA5300.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA5400.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA540a.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA540b.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA540c.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA540d.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA5500.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA550X.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA2000.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA200A.bif

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Data\AREA200B.bif


I am 100% sure that I clicked every single option on when I performed the custom installation, yet these files still elude me (I did 3 re-installs just to make sure I hadn't missed anything). Would it be possible to get another archive uploaded with these ones?

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You can't find the missing files in the CDs? That IS weird. Try searching and copying all of them again, they SHOULD be all there. I have the 6 CD with TotSC as well and did an Easytutu reinstall just a few days ago and all worked fine after manually copying all missing files.

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You can't find the missing files in the CDs? That IS weird. Try searching and copying all of them again, they SHOULD be all there. I have the 6 CD with TotSC as well and did an Easytutu reinstall just a few days ago and all worked fine after manually copying all missing files.


I did exactly that, and I found the numbers missing, but the filetype was .cbf, rather than .bif as requested by the program. I'll try to manually switch the type later today when I get home. I'll make a post and tell you the results as soon as I'm done =)

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Got fed up after a few minutes doing the manual changes, I'll borrow another copy of BG from a friend and check for the missing files on his disc. Hopefully that'll solve my little issue. :)

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