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Yet another transparency Flag


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I've worked and played around with .vvc into the night, and here is what I have found:


If you open up the .vvc editor in DLTCEP, you see 4 transparency fields. If you enter the value 0x2 for the second transparency field from the left, you get a nice 'Colour Overlay' effect. What it does it changes the colour of the background on which the animation is played, to the colour of the animation.


So for example, a white animation played on a black one will look something halfway between white and black (which is grey).


It's really hard to describe, so I put up a screenshot of it. It's the bottom animation that I am talking about, while the top one uses the 'brighten' flag.


btw, It's the Globe of Invulnerability animation in Lost Crossroads, for those wondering what it is.





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Which offset in the VVC is being referred to?


IESDP's info for offset 0x18 says:


Bit 0: Opaque (It actually says "Not Transparent" but I like Opaque better. :D )

Bit 8: Transparent


And the Tint at offset 0x1A says:


Bit 3: Dark

Bit 5: Bright

Bit 9: Red


(Bits 0-2,4,6-8,10-15 = unknown)


As for suggested names for Bit 1 (hex value 0x02), perhaps "Blend" or "Translucent".

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