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A question about the G3Tweaks install procedure...


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I have noticed that some G3Tweaks components take a very long time to install, compared to what they actually do, and compared to other mods that do similar things. Watching the install procedure, I notice that sometimes a very big number of files are affected. Why, for instance, must the installer "copy and patch 4006 files" just for the changing of Imoen's avatar to Mage? I can't imagine that is necessary! It's just the same with a few other components... Can anyone explain?

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It's not actually patching 4000+ files--it is searching through every creature file for ones named Imoen and adjusting them. The reason why we take this approach rather than just patching the Imoen files present in a regular game is so that it will interact with mods that add extra Imoens for cutscenes and whatnot.

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The length of time is because of the code. For the Higher Stacking components, for example, WeiDU looks at each item file individually to asses if it is of the right type to modify, then patches it (here to make the stacks bigger). So the length of time is because you have 4006 items in your game.


Not all 4006 files are actually copied, even though it says that - only the ones which have to be patched. :D Though WeiDU does look at them all, which is why it gives this message.


Incidentally, done this way it also works for mod items - if each file name was specified in the installer then it might install faster but it'd only affect items from an unmodded installation. Plus whoever coded the tweaks would then have had to find out the names of all the item files, which is tedious... So the method used is the 'cleaner' one from a coding perspective. :D


EDIT: heh, Cam types faster! :D

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On the component Maximum HP For Non-Party-Joinable Creatures (the bigg) the installation seems to "hang" for a long moment, although I get no error messages. It just stops, and sometimes exits out of the installer unless I hit the enter key to kick it back into action.


On the occassion that it exits from the installation program, I just go back and start the installer again (skipping what's already installed) and pick up from where I left off. It really is very strange.


This can't be normal...or is it? So far I have not encountered any errors with regards to this component, or any other packaged with this mod. It *does* cause me some concern, though, because I've never seen this happen before.


Any thoughts?


And just because I *know* you guys are going to ask, I have the following mods installed:


- Ease of Use

- Item Upgrade

- Underrepresented Items

- Unfinished Business

- Dungeon-Be-Gone

- PnP Celestials

- Improved Oasis

- D0T Tweaks

- G3 Tweaks

- BG2 Fix Complete (the paperdoll fix)

- SP Items Pack

- Drow Innates

- Totemic Cernd

- G3's NPC Kits

- Solaufein

- Kelsey (SoA and ToB)

- Banter Packs

- Flirt Packs

- Romance Scripts

- Cloakwood Squares


(I know it's a lot, I'm a collector of utility mods but I try to keep my modded NPC's to a minimum. I only install 2 at a time, then go back to a clean install from a ghosted image for the next round of modded NPC's).

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That component does take a long time to install, since it looks at all the creature files in the game. :thumbsup: Perhaps in the next release we could add a message to that effect...


So, run it, and leave it for a few minutes (real, actual minutes), and it should finish.

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