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Problem with coding Cold Resistance


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I made this mode called BG2 Improvemets




which includes a Burning Man kit. It has 100% fire res. The problem is that I want to make him suffer double cold damage but when I make a *.spl with a negative value it doesn't work.


Does anyone know how to make it work?


The spells dealing with magic cold and cold res are in the "vic/burn/" folder and are called mcoldres.sol and coldres.spl .

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Simply put negative values for resistances. For example, setting the cold resistance to -50 will result in a 1.5 times greater damage.


It works like a charm. :cry:



You can't give negative values for resistance. I tried that and it's exactly what's not working.




How am I supposed to lower just cold res?

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Try comparing your spells to Lower Resistance, SPWI514.SPL. Lower Resistance by default reduces the target's magic resistance, but a simple opcode change would make it reduce any other resistance.


Two differences I noted between what it does and what your spells do are:


It sets the Spell Ability type to Melee, and yours is set to Magical. Now, I'm not sure if this would cause problems, but from what I've seen, almost all spells use either Melee or Ranged (it doesn't seem to matter which one), and not Magical. Magical seems to be best used for item magical abilities.


The other thing I noticed with your spells is that the Power setting is zero. Lower Resistance uses a setting of 5 because it is a fifth level spell, but any value greater than zero should help.


One last note is that you could combine your cold and magic cold modifiers into one SPL file for simplicity.

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