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Guest Alaya

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Guest iavas_echui

^_^ I really can't wait for this!!! HD RULES!!!! I hope you aren't cursed, because I can't wait for this mod!! BTW is it possible to just by 1 disk for a pc game? I've had to play BG2 without beating BG1 because i've lost the first disk to it. I have every other disk but I can't reinstal it without all of them.

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^_^ I really can't wait for this!!! HD RULES!!!!  I hope you aren't cursed, because I can't wait for this mod!!

The whole concept of a HD romance is cursed. Just visit the Attic forum, there's at least 3 similar dead projects there. :cry:

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Yes, but I bet they didn't have a team like ours. I'm too stupid to give up, and you guys tactfully remind me that I should do something every couple of months or so...


(and that was the Haer'Dalis romance anniversary celebration: short and a day late :cry: )

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Guest Barbelo

yes! happy anniversary :cry: im waiting for the Haer romance, muajajaja im tired of the "good" boys, soulafein was interesting because of his banter ... but the idea of a romance with HD :D and yeeeeeees die die die Aerie! i will give you wings!! your next trip is heaven :D

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Guest Kurenai

ohh gosh ... poor Aerie i really dont liker but i wouldnt kill her either ... just ignore her .. im too good for her ajajaja about Haer i would love a romantic but "agressive" relationship with him!! :cry:


Im looking forward to this mod!! :D

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I've split this from the thread "Progress Reports", in the assumption that people who want to know how things are going will look there first, and that it's easier for them if there are only progress reports there. All of the posts are of course very welcome and valid in their own right, it's just their location that needed to change a bit. :cry:


I'm doing my best to keep the Aerie conflict interesting, and to have a way out of it for people who like Aerie as well as those who can't stand her (well, if you really can't stand her, you probably won't have her in your party, but still). Killing her will not be an option, though...

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Guest Kukunbei

Primera vez que visito esta pagina, como se daran cuenta, soy de habla española (si es que alguien entiende el español) en vista que poseeo 0 facilidad para el ingles, me expreso en mi lengua materna, hare un esfuerzo por escribir algo mmm i like the idea about a conflict with Aerie, besides is interesting a litle of drama, and of course a romance with HD must have it !!!


Good luck, o mas bien suerte!! espero con ansias este mod :D


si algo entendio ke bien !! el ingles no es mi fuerte :cry:

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Hola Kukunbei,

Espanol no es mi fuerte, pero puedo comprender que estas dichiendo (sp?). Espero que esto mod va a estar completo algun dia, y que va te gustar. La Haer'Dalis Romance va a estar en ingles, pero creo que alguien (Immortality? Es una hispanohablante...) va la hacer en espanol tambien algun dia...

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Si, que Barren dijo. :cry: Tambien, creo que JPS hará un conflicto con Aerie, pero será equilibrado. Que mas? Esto mod tiene ... er... búsquedas(?) desde el juego original que no fue terminado, y potencial para un buen o un mal conclusion romántico. Pues, no puedo explicar mucho mas, porque espanol no es mi fuerte tambien. Pero bienvenido. =)

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