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BG1NPC breaking Angelo cutscene?


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Skie I think is the only one who has interjection with Angelo, but it should not be in V6; party composition would definetly be very important to figure out what causes the glitch.

Shar-Teel has dialogs with Angelo also, since he is her father. Could that be part of the problem?

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FYI - I think I may have found the resolution. CamDawg had a special BG1NPC.tp2 file that was attached to a sticky. I didn't notice this when I originally installed BG1NPCv6. I installed with the old file; looks like I didn't install it correctly.


Anyway, when I reinstalled with this file, the problem was resolved.


Thanks for looking into this. I'm not sure of the best way to get the word out about this proposed solution; perhaps someone with more modding experience could verify this first??

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O, that's mean that the problem originated from the very bad typo in the original TP2, which replaced Angelo's CRE with another CRE. Sorry about that. I thought that the latest download used the corrected TP2? If got the bugged TP2 after the date when Cam posted his correction, please let us know. We need to update the loading package.

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I think so, Domi.


Here's the offending (I believe) code from the original tp2 file


COPY_EXISTING ~_ulraun.cre~ ~override/_angelo.cre~

WRITE_ASCII 0x34 ~ulraunts~// small portrait


Here's the updated line from attached file:


COPY_EXISTING ~_angelo.cre~ ~override/_angelo.cre~

WRITE_ASCII 0x34 ~angelos~// small portrait


When I was testing this with the original writeup, I thought in one of the runs I was able to talk to the person, and it showed Ulrant instead of Angelo. I wasn't able to duplicate it, however. Makes sense now when looking at the code.

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