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Korgan's Redemption


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Here it is. Korgan's Redemption now in English.


This mod was inspired by a discussion on CoB about content removed from ToB.


The mod provides the possibility of redeeming Korgan if you have Mazzy in your party.


You will NOT be able to stop this redemption nor help it. In the vanilla game, banters between Mazzy and Korgan suggested the possibility of changing Korgan, and I wanted to keep it like the original.


It's recommended to start new SoA game to be able to see the whole relationship between them. But I'm adding content only for ToB.


If you are starting new ToB game, you should have Mazzy in party before Korgan.


Thx to Miloch for proof-reading.





Here are two temporal links. Could any of G3 Admins upload this mod on this site?





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G3 doesn't quite work like that, but if you want to have it hosted at G3, we'll certainly have a look at it. I, personally, would anyway. Korgan and Mazzy are two of my favorite characters, so I'm definitely interested in seeing what kind of relationship they have between them.

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Any service that centers around distributing stand-alone .tbg items must be DDoSed into oblivion, not suggested to people.
They don't seem to advertise it as a .tbg-only service (according to this)


Within the ZIP or RAR should be properly exported files in TBG, IAP, IAP-SFX or WeiDU formats. Please also include a README.TXT file with the modder's name and email address, the game engine version the files are for and a description of what is in the pack.

But yea, I'd prefer the SHS mirror ;)

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They don't seem to advertise it as a .tbg-only service.

It currently only offers .tbg + CLUAConsole:CreateItem() items (and it does say that it is for "custom files", AKA new items and the like, not full fledged mods).


OK, I don't know, how works G3. I've wanted this mod to be hosted here. But for the future, are there any rules related with hosting mods here? Is it limited to some group? Or should I PM at first to someone?

You should PM one of the admins (theacefaces or Grim Squeaker) with a link to your mod (or a detailed description and some samples of your work if the mod is in progress); the admins and the rest of the staff will decide if your work's quality is good and in line with the rest of the G3 works; the decision usually takes a couple of weeks or so. This is little more than formality, in any event - circumstances must be outstandingly bad to have your work refused (E.G. a mod where you redeem the Goatse Man back to heterosexuality).

This pretty much holds true for all major communities, BTW.

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I missed one line from the readme. Insert articles where bolded.

If you are starting a new ToB game, you should have Mazzy in the party before Korgan.
I can vouch for this mini-mod in that it's fairly well-written. Korgan's speech isn't perhaps quite as "colourful" as it should be though. Maybe that's part of his "redemption" but he should still be spouting out such things as "Be giving me a few minutes, longlimb wench, and this rockrunt'll ravish ye til ye're visited by furoles and 'ave a baker's leg!" and referring to people as "grog-blossomed prickmedaintys" and "tree-hugging, pansy-eating dirt-lovers" and so on. Just saying "damn" and "bloody" once or twice doesn't measure up quite the same ;).


But anyway, maybe you should just upload it to SHS's miscellaneous mods. It'd be great if G3 had the same sort of thing, but it doesn't, and it's not really big enough for a full mod hosting. At least there, you can update it anytime you like and you don't have to wait 2 weeks to get it approved or whatever.

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