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Got an error installing Improved Vampires


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I was trying to install SCS II after buying the GOG version of BG2 a few days ago. Third copy of BG2. Excessive?


Anyhow, my mod installation process was going smoothly, when I ran into a problem with the Improved Vampires component of your mod. The glitch occurred with:


Output file is scsII/vampire/ssl_out/vaimpir01.baf
Copying and patching a whole bunch of stuff ...
Copying and patching 4228 files ...
ERROR: Cannot convert %he_min% or %%he_min%% to an integer
ERROR: [b!GVAMP.CRE] -> [OVERRIDE/B!GAVAMP.CRE] Patching failed (COPY) (not_found)
Stopping because of error.


The mods I have (perhaps also excessive) are in this order.

BG2 Fixpack, Horns of Valhalla mod, Sorcerer's Place Stuff, Stuff of the Magi (I know, overpowerd, thought I'd try it once), Weimer's Item Upgrade, D0Quest pack sans AI stuff - yours is better, Unfinished Business, Banter Pack, Flirt Pack (first time trying this one) Gavin NPC, BG2 Character Portrait Mod, 1 Pixel Productions, iiItem, Rogue Rebalancing (the Chosen of Cyric encounter is... interesting with your mod installed) and various aspects of BG2 Tweaks.


I probably managed to cause the error somewhere, just my luck.


Thanks for the mod, and for supporting it.


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