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I have Casavir in MotB (if asked Safiya)...?

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I am in the M. city, preparing to battle Okku. I asked Safiya about other party members, and told her that I wanted Casavir back in my group.. well, and now he is, including a nice (short) welcome dialogue. Is this mod content? If yes, how does it affect the rest of the module (and the Gann romance)? Will there be dialogues of some kind?

I was preparing myself to get the knowledge that Casavir was struck dead by falling stones (or so), and that I will only have a happy reunition in the epilogue, if I say the right things to the right people, and now this! :thumbsup:

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It is mod content, and it won't affect anything, appart from providing you with the alternative epilogues if you want your character to stay with Casavir, rather than end up with Gann. I don't think Berelinde added more than the join-in dialogue, but she can correct me if I am wrong. :thumbsup:

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Welll, the flirt menu is still there, but apart from that, no, you don't get any new content, apart from the delicious epilogues Domi wrote. And even then, you have to act like Casavir is not actually in the party, telling Ammon Jerro that you don't believe that Casavir is dead, etc.


You get Casavir via Saphia's dialogue as a legacy of Domi's "mules" mod, where you could recruit OC companions in MotB. The game doesn't really recognize them, nor does the mod add anything. I should probably apologize about that, but at the time I was writing Casavir's Romance, I had a weak computer that could barely handle the toolset. It crashed every time a dialogue topped 20K words. Maybe one of these days, I'll fix that, but I wouldn't count on that happening soon. Many projects, as you know very well. :thumbsup:

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Thank you for your answers! I wasn't aware this is in the mod, so I was kind of surprised. Funnily enough, I am not sure I will keep him around, as it feels a bit like "mod content". If there would be more content for Casavir I would gladly play it, but I know how much work that implies (or, maybe I don't, since I never worked with the NWN2 engine), so I am not complaining.

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Yeah, as much as I liked Casavir, I never brought him along in MotB, for that very reason. Including him in MotB would have been just as much work as creating a new romance, and it would mean rewriting the story. Rocks no longer fall, completely different ending, and that was something that Domi and I agreed should not be done. Enhancement, yes, changes, no.


MotB seemed rather flat to me. I liked Gann, as far as that went, and I found his romance to be both original and entertaining, but I never quite understood why he was so interested in my PC. With Casavir, and even with Bishop, the attraction was believable, to me. Both of them are susceptible to strong emotion, so even if they didn't exactly understand their obsession with the PC themselves, it made sense. With Gann, who seems to feel so little, I never quite undertood why he fell in love.

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Oh, but there could still be falling rocks. In the NWN2 Wiki it is mentioned that in SoZ the PC gets knowledge about a paladin that might be Casavir:

In the city of Port Llast you come across the Captain of the Luskan occupants. By talking to him you learn that the Luskans found a paladin in the ruins in the mere that had been left for dead. They explain that this paladin was once a great hero of Neverwinter but became a criminal. He explains that this Paladin has been taken prisoner for crimes against Luskan, but he does not say where.


So, maybe in MotB, the PC has the chance to free him from the Luskan inprisonment by some magic means, with Safyia's help. It would make rather sense, I think. *dreams*

EDIT: Although I wouldn't know what to do about the criminal part, or maybe that's just Luskanian interpretation for a Neverwinter loyal.

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Guest jastey_outlogged

Actually, I meant just dealing with this in his dialogue, or / and the preparations for his being called/teleported by Safyia.

But it doesn't matter, as I won't write it. Unfortunately.

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