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New Tutu mod, the Secret of BoneHill

Sir BillyBob

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I just finished the conversion of the BoneHill mod from BGT-BP over to Tutu. For those playing through the BG1NPC banter mod and Grey Clan, please take a look and let me know if there are any conflicts (shouldn't be). It is in the regular SOBH folder on TheWizard's sites:





Contact me over on the Forgotten Wars forum if you need. There is a section just for this mod.

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Contact me over on the Forgotten Wars forum if you need.

As this is not possible for me due to Studios' ban policies, if you want a more elaborate description or a logo on the Tutu mod site we maintain, you'll have to tell me yourself.

There is a readme in the folder with the files for anyone interested in the mod without having to download it. As for a graphic for advertizing, cool, but I don't have one. :blush: Anyway to get assistance on an ad?

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Okay, already discovered that I did not include some of the tutu versions of area files. So a 1.6 patch is working it's way onto the mirror sites of iegmc (once TheWizard finds out I sent it to him :blush:). This just needs to be installed after installing BoneHill, or if you know what you are doing, just copy the files into the original BoneHill directory before installing the mod and you will get the fixed mod automatically.

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Another patch!


Okay, the last one (I hope). Right now you can either patch your current game to 1.7. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can download the whole package with the patches built in. You need the main tutu file (about 10MB) and the TIZ file (around 150MB) for the new areas.


Works fine with BG1NPC and Grey Clan, two other great mods. :rolleyes:

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The file is actually 174MB. This is all the tilesets for new areas. I didn't include WAV or BMP files into it (I will redo the package for the 2.0 version). I realize most of you are used to having a smaller SOA folder. Those of us used to BGT-BP are used to having 7GB or more allocated to the SOA folder, so what is another 174MB?

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